More Character Tips for Marvel’s Avengers

Crystal Dynamics Combat Designer Scott Walters shares some pro tips for Black Widow, Iron Man and Captain America.
Autor: Scott Walters

Hi there! This is Scott Walters, Combat Designer at Crystal Dynamics.

Last time I shared some insider tips on how to get the most out of Kamala Khan, Hulk and Thor, and today it’s time to take a look at the other half of our roster.

We worked enormously hard to make sure that every single playable hero felt distinct and satisfying to play. We wanted to make it feel like you were flying high as Iron Man or taking enemies apart with surgical precision when you’re Black Widow.

In short, there’s a lot of mechanical depth to all these characters - and to help you really take advantage of their potential, I’ve jotted down a few more tips and tricks for each.

Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff is a speedy fighter who uses her gadgets and agility to deal tons of damage very quickly. She’s a great choice for people who like a technical and evasive fighting style. She can weave in and out of the fray and use her grappling hook for powerful counters or quick escapes.

Useful moves

  • Spider Sweep is an excellent way for Black Widow to drop under the enemy's guard and launch them. It also breaks through shields, making it extremely useful.

  • Splinter Kick spins enemies around for follow-up hits from the combo. Attacking enemies from behind gives you an increased chance to landing critical hits.

  • Back Alley Gambit lets Black Widow quickly close the distance to enemies. After evading, she can launch a strong attack that will slam weaker enemies down into the ground.

Black Widow Heroic tips

  • Veil of Shadows - make Black Widow and any nearby allies invisible. You can use this invisibility to revive fallen allies, collect Regen Packs, or score some unblocked hits against enemies.

  • Widow's Bite - Black Widow can lock down an area and deal continuous damage over time. You can upgrade this to have multiple charges - that, combined with the fast firing nature of the move, means you can easily work it into combos.

  • Power Surge - gives Widow broad sweeping attacks with her staff and also boosts the damage of her other abilities while in this state. You can take advantage of that to deliver massive damage to a target in record time.

Black Widow basic combos

  • Hold Light Attack for Spider Sweep, then immediately follow up with Light > Light > Light > Light > Light. This is a good basic attack that will combo standard enemies like Synthoids and Riotbots

  • Evade > Heavy for Back Alley Gambit > Heavy > Heavy > Heavy. This is a reliable combo that leaps towards enemies and deals lots of stun damage.

  • Heavy > Heavy > Light > Heavy for Baton Strike - this is combo which offers a good balance between light and heavy attacks. Try performing it after parrying stronger enemies for the best results.

Iron Man

Iron Man's combat style is very technical, and not just because he pilots a high-tech suit of armor full of state-of-the-art weaponry. Once leveled up, Iron Man can swap between three different weapons, which changes his ranged and heavy attack abilities.

All of Iron Man's combat options can also be used in and out of flight, allowing him to get in, deal damage, and get out quickly.

Useful moves

  • Iron Gauntlet and Aerial Assault are Iron Man's basic melee combos, and they both offer high mobility, allowing him to quickly zip over to the enemy. What’s more, dealing damage with this combo will regenerate his suit's energy faster, allowing him to use his weaponry more often.

  • Thruster Uppercut can be used to launch enemies into the air with Iron Man, allowing him to quickly move from ground combat to aerial combat. Power Dive is the reverse of that, using his thrusters to dive towards the ground and deal AOE damage to nearby enemies.

  • When playing as Iron Man, it’s important to understand the properties of his three weapons, so you can use them effectively. The Repulsors are Iron Man's basic ranged weapon, offering balanced damage and stun status build up. You can use Repulsor Shot for precision aim, and Hand Cannon for stylish quick-fire attacks that auto-target nearby enemies.

  • Iron Man uses his high-density laser beams to spread out the damage to multiple targets, and deal increased stun damage. Aiming the Laser Beam on a single target will deal increased damage the longer you keep the laser focused on them.

  • Iron Man is also equipped with miniature rockets capable of dealing high amounts of damage on impact. Both Micro Rockets and Scorched Earth are perfect for breaking through enemy shields and knocking enemies away.

Iron Man Heroic tips

  • Arc Overload - staggers and shocks foes around Iron Man, and charges his suit’s energy, allowing unlimited weapon-based attacks. The base upgrades for this ability give similar benefits to nearby allies - it fills up their Intrinsic Meters or triggers their overcharge states. This support heroic can be further customized to create a large energy barrier, deal massive amounts of stun damage, or instantly revive nearby teammates!

  • Unibeam - Iron Man’s signature attack heroic focuses energy into a large, sustained beam, which you can aim at enemies. The longer you hold down the button, the longer the beam fires - and the more heroic energy it uses. Upgrades will increase the overall charge rate and deal additional damage while overcharged.

  • When the going gets tough, call in the Hulkbuster! This Ultimate Heroic can not only be piloted by Iron Man himself, but he can call it in for his allies as well! The Hulkbuster has its own melee combo system, which means you can smash with the best of them, and you can upgrade it to add sustained laser fire with Power Beam, a salvo of rockets with Magno-Missile, and even more energy, so you can keep this behemoth armor around for longer.

Iron Man basic combos

  • WITH REPULSORS EQUIPPED: Light > Light > Light > Heavy for Repulsor Strike - a fast combo that helps build up energy, before discharging it an area blast.

  • WITH LASERS EQUIPPED: Jump > Heavy > Heavy > Light > Light > Light > Light - A great combo that pulls enemies into the air and juggles them for a bit.

  • WITH ROCKETS EQUIPPED: Heavy > Light > Light > Light > Light > Heavy - Use the rockets to break through enemy shields, then combo them for a bit, before knocking them back and following up with another rocket.

Captain America

Captain America is a trained military fighter and also a Brooklyn brawler, blending fast attacks and strong strikes to form powerful combos. Thanks to his signature Vibranium shield, he also has some of the strongest defensive capabilities out of all the Avengers.

Useful moves

  • New York Knuckles and Eagle's Talon are quick strikes designed to keep an enemy locked down once you've got them opened up.

  • Super Punch is great for building a chunk of stun damage on the enemy at the start of the combo, while Feinting Uppercut is great to interrupt some enemies' attacks.

  • Cartwheel Kick is a great way to break through an enemy's guard, and Shield Sweep will knock them off their feet for additional combo potential.

  • Ricochet Throw shows off the physics defying nature of Cap's shield, letting him select multiple targets for it to bounce off of before it returns. Boomerang and Truth Seeker increase the number of potential targets. A well timed Shield Kick will send a charged shield throw back out for it to bounce off even more targets.

Captain America Heroic tips

  • Rally Cry - this support Heroic shows off Cap's ability to lead his team. He debuffs enemies he attacks, and marks them so he and his allies can concentrate their attacks. Marked foes take additional damage and give players an increased chance to land critical hits against them. They may also drop Heroic orbs when defeated, which recharge your special abilities.

  • Steamroller - a super-charged shield throw that targets multiple enemies for extreme amounts of damage and stun status. You can choose how you’d like to increase its damage capabilities, but it can also be customized to drop battlefield pickups like Regen Packs and Heroic Orbs - these can be extremely useful in the tougher fights.

  • Brooklyn Brawler - lets Captain America go all out against his foes, boosting his defensive capabilities and unleashing a series of shield throws on his light attacks that hit enemies multiple times. It can be customized so Cap can perform Takedowns on weakened enemies, increase his ranged damage, or allow him to block any attack.

Captain America basic combos

  • Heavy > Heavy > Light > Light > Light - A simple combo that's good to quickly get to an enemy and hit them a few times before knocking them away.

  • Evade > Heavy for Grand Slam > Jump > Light > Light > Heavy - a quick launcher and air combo for use on basic enemies.

  • Hold Light for Cartwheel Kick > Light for Shield Sweep > Light > Light > Light > Heavy - Breaks through enemy guard and combos them before sending out a shockwave of damage and launching the enemy into the air.

Hopefully those tips will help you to really start digging into each hero’s capabilities. All the characters have been designed to be customizable, and different builds can support different playstyles - so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Thanks for reading - hopefully I’ll see some of you putting this into practice online!

Scott Walters, Combat Designer for Marvel’s Avengers, Crystal Dynamics