The following is an explanation on how to start using the Software Token application.
This free application allows you to enjoy secure online gaming with your Square Enix account.

Step 1
Users will require the following to use the Software Token application:
• A Square Enix account
Users will need to have purchased either FINAL FANTASY XI or FINAL FANTASY XIV and registered the accompanying registration codes.
• A smartphone using either the iOS or Android operating systems.
iOS version 7.1 or higher, and Android version 3.0 or higher.

Step 2
Log in to the Square Enix Account Management System and open the “One-Time Password” page from the “Services and Options” menu.

Step 3
Select “Adjust Software Token (smartphone application) settings” at the bottom of the page, then click “Software Token Registration”. You will be instructed to download the Software Token application on your phone and should do so at this time.
Click “Next” once the application has downloaded. Confirm your identity by entering your Secret Q&A, then click “Accept User Agreement and Send Confirmation Mail”. A registration password will be sent to the e-mail address registered on your Square Enix account.

Screen transition diagram for starting the process to register a Software Token
Screen transition diagram for continuing the process to register a Software Token

If a Security Token is already being used, you will be unable to register the Software Token until you remove the Security Token from your account.
How to remove the Security Token.

Step 4
Open the application on your smartphone. It will then request the following information. Enter your user information into the corresponding fields and select OK to complete the registration:
• Your Square Enix ID (The ID used when generating the registration password)
• Your date of birth (The year and date of birth registered on your Square Enix account)
• The registration password (This will have been sent to your registered e-mail address)

Once registration is complete, a One-Time Password will be displayed. A new One-Time Password will be generated every time the application is launched. Be sure to enter your Square Enix ID, Square Enix password, and the displayed One-Time Password when logging in to your account.
You will now be able to enjoy online gaming with maximum security!

Screen transition diagram for completing the process to register a Software Token

Emergency Removal Password
If you change your smartphone device, or if it becomes inoperable for any reason, you will be unable to log in to the game. Please be aware that you will need the Emergency Removal Password to proceed.
More about the Emergency Removal Password.

For further information on tokens, please visit this page.