The Big Question: What are your tips for FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH's Queen’s Blood?

We asked you to share your tips and scores for FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH’s amazing card game. You certainly delivered!
By Duncan Heaney

It’s no secret that Queen’s Blood is pretty great.

We recently posted some tips and tricks for FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH’s endlessly compelling card game (read them here), and when we asked your own, you delivered.

It’s a testament to the game that there was so much viable Queen’s Blood advice submitted, from awesome cards to entire strategies. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Kemiia has an interesting strategy for those of you with a destructive streak. Tonberry King increases in power by 2 for every card destroyed and Skeeskee increases by 1. So, if you cull those cards, you’ll see your score skyrocket!

When territory management is key, the utility of the humble Security Officer cannot be overstated!

Sometimes you just find that card that makes it all click. Ironically, there’s a lot of love for Loveless.

This is great advice. It’s not always about power - it’s about how your cards work together! Belramyo gets it.

LevvyXIII calls out the power of replace cards - and how you don’t have to win every lane to win the match. And yes, Titan is a great card!

The Chocobo & Moogle card increases in power by 1 for each other enhanced card - very useful if you’re about boosting your strength. It’s a great card, and you can get it very early in the adventure by completing the ‘A Rare Card Lost’ side quest.

Also, it’s super adorable.

Some good advice here - you don’t have to take the first move. Sometimes it’s an advantage to let your opponent play the first card and see what they’re up to.

More good advice. Sometimes to achieve victory, sacrifices must be made. Your most powerful cards won’t always be your best. Destroying them in the game can be painful, but if it gives you more territory or boosts other cards, it can be worth it.

Perhaps the best tip of all. Never give up - victory is always within your reach!

Super scores!

Some of you have achieved some incredible scores in Queen’s Blood, some even breaking triple figures!

Here are some impressive feats:

What do you mean ONLY 124?

Goblin up those points. Impressive!

Welcome to the hundred club… um… well, you’re an unknown gamer so we dunno.

A destruction-focused Tonberry King player strikes hard!

Ramy prefers to buff cards - and the results speak for themselves!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their tips and scores. Queen’s Blood is a game of impressive depth, and we love how many ways there are to play, from high-tension matches in towns across FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH’s world, to complex challenges and puzzles in the Gold Saucer and Costa del Sol.

If you’re yet to try it out for yourself, you should check out FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH - available now for PS5!

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