OCTOPATH TRAVELER I and II now available on all current console platforms!

OCTOPATH TRAVELER comes to PS5 and PS4, and OCTOPATH TRAVELER II comes to Xbox Series X|S via Game Pass!
By Duncan Heaney

We have some exciting news for OCTOPATH TRAVELER fans on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. From today, OCTOPATH TRAVELER is available on PS5 and PS4, and OCTOPATH TRAVELER II has launched for Xbox Series X|S!

That means that both OCTOPATH TRAVELER titles are now available to play on current console platforms for the first time. What’s more, both OCTOPATH TRAVELER I and II are available for download on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC.

They’re two of the best RPGs of recent times - they evoke style of classic adventures but bring them bang up date with modern design, stunning visuals, and fresh new ideas. Read on and we’ll tell you all about them, including how to get them.

OCTOPATH TRAVELER is now on PS5 and PS4!

The original OCTOPATH TRAVELER launches today for PS5 and PS4.

This innovative RPG features eight unique protagonists, each with their own very unique skills and stories:

  • Olberic - A Warrior who once dedicated his life to the protection of his king and country. A bloody coup, and betrayal from his most trusted comrade, takes both away from him - and his life’s meaning in the process.

  • Primrose - Once she was a noble, but now she’s a Dancer for the drunk and desperate. She suffers these indignities for one reason: vengeance on the men who murdered her father.

  • Tressa - A Merchant and a shrewd negotiator with an eye for a bargain. Tressa has an instinct for valuable items - even if nobody else sees it. Her acquisition of a legendary merchant’s journal sends her on a journey around the world.

  • Alfyn - A good-hearted but naïve Apothecary. As a young man, he was healed by a traveler and has since devoted his life to following the same path by helping those in need.

  • H’aanit - A Hunter and one of the last of her clan. When she’s asked to deal with a monster terrorizing the local area, she discovers there’s much more to the threat than meets the eye.

  • Therion - A Thief of exceptional ability. There are few places he can’t get into and fewer items he can’t pilfer. A seemingly impenetrable mansion is too big a challenge to resist - but Therion soon finds he’s in over his head…

  • Cyrus - A Scholar with great intelligence… except when it comes to matters of the heart. When a misunderstanding results in his suspension, he resolves to solve the mystery of a missing book.

  • Ophilia - A well-meaning Cleric, who selflessly, and recklessly, takes her adoptive sister’s place on a dangerous pilgrimage to the holy sites of the world.

You can recruit all eight characters to your party (with your first choice selected as your party leader), but the order in which you experience their adventures is entirely up to you.

The game introduced the amazing Break and Boost battle system - a delightfully strategic take on turn-based combat. It’s all about exploiting enemy weaknesses to remove their shield points and render them vulnerable to attack. To help with this, you earn boost points each turn, which you can spend to attack multiple times or strengthen a big hit.

Knowing when to save your Boost points, when to use them or spend them all in one big blow-out is the key to success - and makes every battle from the most minor minion to the biggest bosses a tactical treat.

And, of course, OCTOPATH TRAVELER was the game that introduced the now-beloved HD-2D visual style. It combines expressive 2D sprites with 3D to create a look that’s both nostalgic and modern!

How do you get the OCTOPATH TRAVELER games on PS5 / PS4?

OCTOPATH TRAVELER is available to purchase digitally today from the PlayStation Store either standalone, or as a bundle with OCTOPATH TRAVELER II.

PlayStation Plus members who buy OCTOPATH TRAVELER within the first two weeks of launch will also get a 34% early purchase discount (please visit the PlayStation Store for full details).

OCTOPATH TRAVELER II is now on Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass

OCTOPATH TRAVELER II is available on Xbox Series X|S consoles from today and is available to download via Game Pass (it’s also available on PC Game Pass).

The game refines everything that was great about the original OCTOPATH TRAVELER, but builds on it with new characters, new gameplay mechanics and much more.

As with the original, it features eight extremely different travelers, each with their own stories. You’ll choose one to start with (who will act as party leader) and embark an adventure around the game’s beautiful HD-2D world.

Along the way, you’ll meet the other seven heroes, add them to the party, and experience their action-packed tales in any order you like.

This games’ motley crew consists of:

  • Hikari - a Warrior who embarks on a quest to reclaim his kingdom from his usurper brother.

  • Agnea - a Dancer who wants to bring smiles and joy to the world, just like her famous mother.

  • Partitio - a Merchant with a real nose for commerce. After experiencing the effects of poverty first-hand, he wants to head out and eliminate it from the world.

  • Osvald - a Scholar who was framed for the murder of his wife and child. Upon escaping from prison, he only has one thing on his mind: revenge.

  • Throné - a Thief trapped in a life of crime. She wants to escape this life, but to do so she’ll have to face the worst the underworld has to offer.

  • Temenos - a Cleric with a burning desire for truth. When a tragedy occurs in his church, he senses there’s more going on than it seems, and sets out to solve the mystery.

  • Ochette - a carefree Hunter who lives with her master Juvah and animal companions. When she learns of an encroaching calamity that threatens her home, she seeks out those who can help her stop it.

  • Castti - an Apothecary who has lost her memory but retained her instinct to heal. She’s on a quest to rediscover her lost past and help anyone in need along the way.

The Break and Boost battle system returns, deeper and more strategic than ever. As before, it’s about boosting skills and exploiting enemy weaknesses, and new abilities and unique ‘Latent Powers’ for each hero give you more options than ever before.

Add improved character interactions, a superb soundtrack and the most beautiful HD-2D visuals yet, and you have a truly unforgettable RPG!

OCTOPATH TRAVELER II has also received additional content, including an ‘Extra Battle’ mode, which will become available after defeating the final boss. This lets you test your skills against even tougher opponents than in the main game - including the main characters of OCTOPATH TRAVELER!

This mode is available on Xbox consoles at launch and has been added to the PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC versions today via an update.

How do you get the OCTOPATH TRAVELER games on Xbox Series X|S?

Both OCTOPATH TRAVELER and OCTOPATH TRAVELER II are ready to download today through Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

You can also purchase both games individually and as a bundle.

OCTOPATH TRAVELER and OCTOPATH TRAVELER II are also available for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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