HEAVENSTRIKE RIVALS x Adventures of Mana Collaboration

By Square Enix Team

Hi everyone! On March 4th, 2016 we unleashed the first real-time battle collaboration for “HEAVENSTRIKE RIVALS” with “Adventures of Mana”, an action RPG for the PlayStation®, Phone/Android. The best part of this is that HEAVENSTRIKE RIVALS is that it’s a free to play game! For those who aren’t familiar with HEAVENSTRIKE RIVALS and Adventures of Mana, let’s catch up on some details about the games.<br><br>

<br><br>What is “HEAVENSTRIKE RIVALS”?<br><br><br>“HEAVENSTRIKE RIVALS” is a tactical RPG for iOS and Android devices, which allows you to play PvP battles with players around the world in real time. With over 200 types of units that can be placed during battle, not only do these make PvP battles more strategic, but they makes story and event battles more fun. Development is done between Square Enix and British studio Mediatonic, with Benny Matsuyama editing the story scenario, Ryuma Ito handling the character design, and Ryo Yamazaki working on the music. <br><br>


What is “Adventures of Mana”?<br><br>The origin of the “Seiken Densetsu” (Mana) series, which titles was originally released in 1991 on the Game Boy as “FINAL FANTASY ADVENTURE” (in North America). The drama woven together by unique characters, and a moving story that involve the “tree of mana” and a “holy sword” – a timeless classic of which we continue to talk about today, is now resurrected on the iPhone and Android.<br>The story of the original “FINAL FANTASY LEGENDS” is kept intact, while the music has been newly arranged by the original composer Kenji Ito. With graphics and controls refreshed, players can enjoy an epic story to protect the tree of mana, and many encounters and departures with friends.<br><br>So, what exactly does this collaboration entail? It includes a really fun gacha where you can obtain an Adventure of Mana collaboration unit and a collaboration event quest! What is a gacha you ask? It’s one of those mechanics you loved growing up where you put in your coin and a magical surprise comes out. The collaboration just finished taking place!<br><br>

<br>In this collaboration gacha, the protagonist “Hero” and arch nemesis “Dark Lord” from “Adventures of Mana” appeared as a collaboration unit.


Also, there was a collaboration quest in which you can obtain “Watts” from “Adventures of Mana” as your reward.


Here’s a little secret-- there is a better chance of obtaining Watts if you attempt a more difficult quest, as wells as if you clear the quest using the “Hero” or “Dark Lord” collaboration units obtained through the gacha, for up to 30% more than the normal rates. The more units you have, the better the chances, so we encourage you to take on the challenge with all units in hand!<br>For more details, please follow our official channels here!


This week, the saint series continues!  St Georgie and St Andrea make an appearence!  Don't miss out!


For more details, please follow our official channels here!

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