The Voice of Cards Trilogy is available today!

All three Voice of Cards games are now available in one collection! But what’s included and which of these delightful “CaRdPGs” should you play first?
By Duncan Heaney

Hello everyone! I’m here to deal out some great news: the Voice of Cards games are now available in a single collection!

The Voice of Cards Trilogy is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam.

They’re also now available to buy separately on iOS and Android devices.

Read on and we’ll tell you all about these wonderful games!

What is the Voice of Cards Trilogy?

The Voice of Cards Trilogy consists of three brilliant standalone RPGs from the creative minds of the NieR and Drakengard series, including

  • YOKO TARO - Creative Director (Drakengard, NieR series)
  • Yosuke Saito - Executive Producer (NieR series)
  • Keiichi Okabe - Music Director (Drakengard 3, NieR series)
  • Kimihiko Fujisaka - Character Designer (Drakengard series)

Each adventure is a world-spanning tale filled with amazing characters, tactical turn-based combat and secrets to discover… but there’s a twist. Everything from the characters and monsters to the world itself is depicted as cards.

It may sound a little odd, but the utterly gorgeous illustrations and slick animations lead to a distinctive and appealing art style that give each game a very grounded, tactile feel. It perfectly captures the feel of a tabletop role playing game, with an engaging narrator guiding you throughout your many escapades.

What games are in the Trilogy?

This collection contains all three Voice of Card games in one place! Here’s what to expect from each:

Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars

In a kingdom under threat from a powerful dragon, a group of adventurers sets out to take it down. Some are in it purely for the money, others have more personal motivations for the quest, but each one is about to experience a hilarious adventure full of twists, turns and surprises.

Along the way, they’ll discover hidden truths about the world, take on hordes of terrifying monsters and try to stay one step ahead of the Ivory Order - a rival group of heroes that have something our protagonists desperately need: competence.

Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden

This adventure is set around a remote chain of islands in a beautiful blue ocean, on which ancient spirits reside. These islands been protected for generations by the Order of Maidens and their guardian attendants, who extend the lives of the spirits to keep their islands afloat.

A young hero teams up with a failed Maiden named Laty and a spirit in who looks suspiciously like a stuffed toy and embarks onto the seas on a quest save his doomed home.

Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden

This game is set in a world where humans and monsters both reside. It’s far from a simple coexistence - a millennia of hatred rages between them and conflict is common.

You play as a young girl, who lives in a subterranean village. A secure wall prevents monsters from entering the village, but one day it falls under attack.

Just then, a mysterious young boy appears. The young girl is taken by the hand and led out to the surface for the first time in her life. With her once stable life in ruins, she sets out into the unknown to seek revenge… and unravel the fate of this broken world.

As well as a fascinating new story, this entry in the series also introduced a new mechanic: the ability to trap monsters and use them in battle!

Which Voice of Cards game should you play first?

So with these three amazing games included in the collection, you may find yourself musing: which should I start with?

As none of the games are connected narratively, you honestly can start anywhere. Each one is a completely standalone adventure, with its own story and characters… as well as a distinct personality.

Still, choice paralysis is a thing, so if it helps, here are some pointers:

Play Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars first if…

  • You want a playful take on classic high fantasy
  • You like your heroes to be decidedly unheroic
  • You want to play a relaxing and straightforward RPG that’s full of heart and comedy

Play Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden first if…

  • You like the idea of adventure on the high seas
  • You like tales with some melancholy vibes throughout
  • You want a heartfelt story about companionship that’s easy to dip in and out of.

Play Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden first if…

  • You enjoy RPGs where you capture monsters to use in battle
  • You want a customizable adventure where you're left to deal with the unease of the world and the repercussions of your actions
  • You want the deepest and most strategic combat in the series

Whichever game you play, you’re in for a fun time. These games are specifically designed to be fun and breezy RPG experiences rather than intense hundred-hour epics. Fun stories, quirky characters and satisfying combat make them the perfect games to sit back and relax with.

How do I get the Voice of Cards Trilogy?

The Voice of Cards Trilogy is available now on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Steam (if you’ve already purchased one or more of the games on Steam, you can complete the set).

In addition to a standard edition, you can get a Voice of Cards + DLC set, which as the name implies includes all previously released DLC - including content for each game based on the acclaimed NieR series!

The games are also available individually on iOS...

...and Android:

If you’ve yet to experience this unique and rather brilliant series, we urge you to give it a go. Each one is compelling, hilarious and distinctive - there really is nothing else like this out there.

And if I haven’t persuaded you, maybe this little exchange will:

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