Marvel’s Avengers Pro Tips: Iron Man

Crystal Dynamics’ Scott Walters gets into the nuts and bolts of Iron Man, to help you get the most out of this high-flying Super Hero.
By Scott Walters

Hello everyone! It’s me, Scott Walters - Combat Designer for Marvel’s Avengers. This week, I want to share some personal tips for playing as Iron Man.

This Super Hero’s combat style is very technical - as you’d expect from someone piloting a high-tech suit of armor brimming with state-of-the-art weaponry. Once leveled up, Iron Man can swap between three different weapons, all of which changes his ranged and heavy attack combats in significant ways.

Read on, and I’ll highlight some useful skills and combos that can make your performance as sleek and optimized as the Armored Avenger himself.

Melee skills

  • Iron Gauntlet (Light attack x 4) and Aerial Assault (Light attack x 4 in the air) are Iron Man's basic melee combos while offering high mobility. These allow him to very quickly zip over to the enemy and start dealing damage.

  • Dealing damage with Iron Gauntlet and Aerial Assault will also regenerate Iron Man’s intrinsic energy faster than normal. More intrinsic energy means he can use his weaponries more often.

  • Thruster Uppercut (hold Light attack) can launch enemies into the air, allowing Iron Man to quickly transition from ground combat to aerial combat.

  • Power Dive (hold Light while in the air) is the reverse of Thruster Uppercut. Stark uses his thrusters to dive towards the ground and deal AOE damage to nearby enemies.

Ranged Skills / Weapons

Iron Man has three ranged weapons available - Repulsors, Lasers and Rockets. When these are unlocked, you can switch freely between them, which gives you a lot of options in combat. I’ll go through each and point out some key skills you may find useful.


Iron Man’s trademark Repulsors are his standard ranged weapon. They offer balanced damage and stun status build up, making them useful in a variety of situations.

  • Repulsor Shot (aimed shot) uses Iron Man's Repulsor technology for precision aim. This deals better damage than auto-targeting attacks and can also trip and juggle standard enemies. However, you are vulnerable while aiming, so watch out for incoming attacks.

  • Hand Cannon (Heavy attack) is used for stylish quick-fire attacks that auto-target nearby enemies. You can chain this up to four times, with the last attack being a heavy finisher that deals good stun damage - effective for opening up enemies like Elite Peacekeepers for a Takedown.

  • Power Blast (aim and charge shot) allows Iron Man to charge up each shot for more impact and damage. It can break shield and knock back enemies too.

  • Power Pulse (hold Heavy attack) auto targets enemies for more damage than Hand Cannon. It can also break enemies’ blocks and send them flying backwards - useful if you need a bit of breathing room.

  • Muon Shotgun (Sprint + Heavy attack) launches enemies into the air, setting them up for a juggle.

  • Slingshot (Dodge + Heavy) is a fast attack that hits twice - useful for creating some distance between Iron Man and his target.

  • Repulsor Strike (Light > Light > Light > Heavy) is a melee combo that creates a short-ranged AOE (Area of Effect) damage at the end of a light melee combo. It’s a great crowd control move because the final attack pushes enemies away and leaves them vulnerable to further attacks.


Iron Man uses his high-density laser beams to spread out damage across multiple targets. They also deal increase stun damage, making them great for setting up takedowns.

  • Laser Beam (aimed shot) fires a focused laser at a single target. The longer you keep the laser on your foe, the more damage it does.

  • Energy Lance (aimed shot) upgrades Laser Beam. With this, you'll pierce through enemies, allowing you to hit foes that are lined up. It also breaks block, making it useful against shields.

  • Photon Samurai (Heavy) is a wide sweeping attack that cuts through your foes in quick arcs. You can chain it up to three times, with the final hit being a finisher that does extra damage.

  • Laser Scythe (Heavy in the air) pulls enemies up into the air so you can juggle them for increased damage. You can chain it up the three times, and finish by slamming your foe back down to earth.

  • Whirling Tempest (hold Heavy) focuses the energy beams to cover a targeted area. It’s a particularly great move to use when you’re surrounded, as it does good physical and stun damage, and breaks through enemies shields.

  • Magnetron (hold Heavy in air) fires two lasers forward towards the ground as a double beam. Not only does it do decent damage to enemies below you, it will also knocks them back, clearing them out of your way if you want to make a landing.


Iron Man is equipped with miniature rockets capable of dealing high amounts of damage on impact. They use up a lot of intrinsic energy, but their ability to knock around enemies make them worth it. Iron Man can even use them to do bombing runs while in flight mode!

  • Micro Rockets (aimed shot) and Scorched Earth (Heavy) both break through shields and knock enemies away. They’re perfect for dealing with enemies like Riotbots.

  • Rocket Strike (Light > Light > Light > Heavy) is a melee combo that ends with a powerful rocket strike that breaks through defenses and sends enemies flying off into the distance. You can even aim that final rocket at a different enemy - worth remembering if someone tough is getting too close for comfort.

  • Smart Rockets (aim and hold fire to lock onto enemies) lets you paint multiple targets and fire homing missiles at them. Enemies that are hit will be launched into the air or knocked over - both useful and wildly entertaining to watch.

  • Javelin (hold Heavy) fires up to 3 rockets at one or more targets, each with a timed delay explosion that breaks shields and launches targets into the air. Not only do they keep enemies off-balance, they also deals massive damage, making it particularly useful against Elite enemies.

Intrinsic Ability

  • Iron Man can quickly focus his suit's power into an Energy Shield (activate Intrinsic Energy), which allows him to block incoming attacks.

  • Timing a block correctly will parry enemy attacks with Energy Pulse (activate Intrinsic Energy just before an enemy attack hits). This hits all enemies around you, and leaves their defenses open for follow-up attacks. It also quickly refills the suit's energy.

  • Parry Strike (Heavy straight after Energy Pulse) is good for close-quarters fights. It lets Iron Man quickly counter with some of the strongest weapons that he’s unlocked.

  • If you need more substantial cover, Iron Man can expand his shield into an Energy Barrier. This can be used both in the air and on the ground, and gives the armored Avenger a safe place to shoot from.

Heroic Ability

  • The Arc Overload heroic is not only good for staggering foes that are surrounding Iron Man, but also overcharges his suit's energy, allowing for unlimited weapon based attacks for a short duration. Go crazy with those rockets!

  • Arc Overload can be upgraded to provide benefits to nearby allies. For example, Arc Infusion will fill up their Intrinsic Energy, while Arc Overcharge makes the rest of the team instantly become Overcharged.

  • Arc Overload can also be modified to have additional effects. For example, if you want a bit more personal defense, you should look at Defensive Shield - a specialization that reflects enemy projectiles back at them. Alternatively, if you’re in a group, Arc Jolt will instantly revive any downed teammates. Remember that, once unlocked, you can switch between specializations at any time, so pick the option that’s best for that mission.

  • Iron Man's signature Unibeam Heroic focuses energy into a large, sustained beam that does a lot of damage. Remember - the longer you hold down the button, the longer the beam fires… but the more heroic energy it uses.

  • Unibeam is very customizable, and your upgrades can add different effects. For example, Reserve Capacitors alter it to fire up to three faster-charging but shorter bursts, while Omega Beam adds Repulsors into the mix for a massive energy blast that causes maximum damage.

  • When the going gets tough, call in the Hulkbuster! The Hulkbuster has its own melee combat system and unique ranged attacks - it can smash with the best of them!

  • Not only can Iron Man pilot Hulkbuster, his teammates can too! Hold the command for the Ultimate Heroic rather than press it, and you can remotely place the deployment platform so anyone can use it. After all, why should Tony get all the fun?

  • As with all of Iron Man’s Heroics, you can upgrade Hulkbuster to offer additional benefits. Power Beam adds sustained laser fire, Magno-Missile fires a salvo of rockets that can take out a crowd of basic enemies and Hyper-Reactor lets you keep this behemoth armor around for longer.

  • Choosing specializations can add unique effects to Hulkbuster. One useful option is Disruption Pulse, which sends out an EMP that immobilizes everything around you - very effective when dealing with crowds. Alternatively, Hulkbuster Unibeam… does exactly what it sounds like and adds a powerful Unibeam to the armor.

Basic Combos

Iron Man combines melee and ranged attacks to create powerful combos that can tear through AIM’s forces. Here are some simple ones you may like to try:

  • REPULSORS EQUIPPED: Light > Light > Light > Heavy (Repulsor Strike) - a fast combo that helps build up heroic energy, before discharging it an area blast.

  • LASERS EQUIPPED: Jump > Heavy > Heavy > Light > Light > Light > Light - A great combo to pull enemies into the air and juggle them for a bit.

  • ROCKETS EQUIPPED: Heavy > Light > Light > Light > Light > Heavy - Use the rockets to break through enemy shields, then combo them for a bit before knocking them back and following up with another rocket.

Intermediate Combos

These combos require a bit more dexterity to pull off, but the payoff is more than worth it.

  • REPULSORS EQUIPPED: Vault > Hold Light (Thruster Uppercut) > Heavy > Heavy > Light > Light > Light > Light - Launch the enemy into the air and uses Repulsor blasts to juggle them, then following up with a light combo to regenerate heroic energy before finishing them off.

  • LASERS EQUIPPED: Hold Heavy (Whirling Tempest) > Heavy > Heavy > Light > Light > Light > Heavy (Laser Strike) - breaks through enemy shields and deals sweeping damage to push away nearby enemies, uses a light combo to build back some heroic energy mid combo, and finishes out off with another strong area of effect sweep of the lasers. This combo is usually enough to stun most enemies, prepping them for a Takedown at the end.

  • ROCKETS EQUIPPED: Evade + Heavy (Counterfire) > Light > Light > Light > Light > Light > Light > Hold Light (Power Dive) - breaks through shields, uses light attacks to combo the enemy and launch them into the air before slamming them back into the ground with the dive attack.

Advanced Combos

This combo is one of the hardest to pull off, but it’s really effective - and awesome to watch. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right first time - practice makes perfect.

  • ROCKETS EQUIPPED: Hold Heavy and release after firing 1 rocket (Javelin) > Light > Light > Light > EQUIP LASER > Heavy > Heavy > EQUIP REPULSORS > Heavy > Heavy > Hold Heavy (Power Pulse) - A combo that utilizes all of Iron Man's weapons. It can be used both on the ground and in the air.

Hopefully this guidance will help you take your Iron Man to the next level. For more character tips, check out my other guides:

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