Guidelines for Livestreaming and Posting Videos/Images of The DioField Chronicle
Last Updated: Friday Aug 12 2022 16:00 GMT

Guidelines for Livestreaming and Posting Videos/Images of The DioField Chronicle

Last Updated: Friday Aug 12 2022 16:00 GMT

Square Enix Co., Ltd (henceforth “Company”) is delighted to hear that fans want to share videos and images of our games online.

Company would like to enable such sharing, and have created individual guidelines relating to using Content (defined below) from each of our games on a title by title basis, in order to suitably maintain the integrity of the game settings that our fans support into the future and because all content used in Company’s games, including images, footage, characters, and music, are works copyrighted of either Company or its licensors.

All use of any videos, live broadcasting, or still images (henceforth “Content”) from the DioField Chronicle (henceforth “Game”), including the demo version of the Game, is subject to these guidelines (the “Guidelines”).

Who is eligible to use

These Guidelines apply only outside of Japan; if you are located in Japan, or have obtained a Japanese version of the Game, please see the Japanese license for terms that apply to you.

What can be used

The following materials (henceforth “Materials”) can be used in accordance with these Guidelines:

  • Text, information, images and videos featured on the official website for the Game, or the following websites run by Company, as noted below.
  • Text shown within the Game, and screenshots and videos taken from in-Game.
  • Music tracks and music data used within the Game.

However, the following Materials are explicitly excluded and cannot be used:

  • Sections of the Game where recording and capture has been blocked (ex. Battle History [event viewer mode]) and the main story from chapter 7 onwards, as further noted below).
  • Anything from the beginning of chapter 7 until the ending of the Game. The ending refers to the sequence marking the end of the story, from the conclusion of the final battle until the text “The End”, “To be Continued” and “Fin” is shown, or until the Game automatically returns to the title screen.

Extent of usage permitted

You may post the Materials online for the following permitted personal uses (the “Permitted Uses”) only:

  • Posting in-game images on your blog(s) or microblog(s), such as Twitter.
  • Sharing gameplay videos on video sharing sites, such as YouTube and Twitch. You may also share URLs and thumbnails relating to these videos on personal blogs or microblogging platforms (such as Twitter).
  • Usage under any company name is not permitted
  • You cannot use the Materials on any of the websites or services listed below:
    • Sites or services requiring payment to view
    • Sites or services aimed exclusively at viewers over 18 years old
    • Sites or services that violate standards of public moral decency
    • Sites or services that relate to religious, political or antisocial activities

Conditions of usage

You cannot use the Materials for commercial or profit-making purposes.
However, you may use official monetization functions available through video sharing sites such as YouTube, Twitch, and other similar services. When a video sharing site makes an enquiry about videos or live broadcasts that use monetisation features, please direct them to these Guidelines.

  • You must display the following copyright notice on posts, videos, or broadcasts:

© 2022 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.
© Silvertone, Inc.

(Company, product and system names shown are trademarks or registered trademarks of the various companies.)

The above lines will automatically be added when using game console functions to capture video or images, so if these images or videos are used unchanged then there will be no need for the user to add them.

  • You cannot remove or alter the trademarks or copyright lines shown on the materials eligible for use
  • The requirement to show copyright lines is waived for media that limits available space, such as Twitter.
  • If multiple images or videos are used on the same page, it is not necessary to add this information to each one individually and one notice for the whole page will suffice.
  • When broadcasting scenes of major relevance to the Game’s story, you must attach a warning about spoilers to avoid damaging the enjoyment of players who have yet to see those scenes.
  • It is prohibited to post, stream, or otherwise broadcast Content with the sole purpose of showing movie scenes or cutscenes from the Game (including event scenes, with the same definition applying to the clauses below) or with the sole purpose of permitting listening to the Game’s music.
    Examples of Content that is prohibited:
    • Content made up entirely of movie scenes (or cutscenes) or where the majority of the Content is movie scenes (or cutscenes).
    • Content where the playable character behaves in a way that does not progress gameplay in a normal manner, such as remaining immobile or just repeating simple motions, for the purpose of continuously playing the Game’s music.
    • Content where a large number of images from movie scenes (or cutscenes) are shown consecutively for the sole purpose of showing the content of those movie scenes (or cutscenes) and nothing else.
  • You cannot use the Materials in combination with other content that does not come from the Game.
  • You cannot make use of any Content that is in violation of these Guidelines. For example, you must not collect and distribute Materials via other media—e.g., in book form—even if you do not stand to gain financially from doing so.
  • Do not use any Materials for the promotion of any other products or services.
  • You must follow the applicable terms for the media platform(s) you use.
  • Do not engage in actions that are of a libellous or defamatory nature towards others.
  • You must immediately cease usage of any Content incorporating the Materials if there is a request to do so from Company regardless of whether Company provides a reason for the request or not. Company reserves the right to require removal of any content incorporating the Materials that it deems to be inappropriate in its sole discretion. Company may submit takedown requests to third parties for any Materials at Company’s sole discretion.
  • The Materials cannot be altered or edited by you. However, editing of your Content, such as to play recordings of your own voice to introduce or comment on the Game, is permitted.
  • If you intend on sharing any information related to your identity, please do so responsibly.
    • All posting of any Content incorporating the Materials prior to the official release date of the full version of the Game is prohibited, with the exception of the area of Game that is also included in the demo version.
    • Before the official release date of the full version of the Game, only Materials that have been officially released by the Company (including the demo version of the Game) may be used.


  • You are responsible for following these Guidelines when livestreaming and posting Content that incorporates the Materials. Company makes no guarantees concerning the Materials, including that the Materials will not infringe third party rights. Company will not compensate you or any third party for any damages or injuries that arise as a result of use of the Materials..
  • Company may modify these Guidelines at its sole discretion at any time without prior notice.