VARIOUS DAYLIFE Guidelines for livestreaming and posting videos/images
Last Updated: Tuesday Sep 13 2022 15:30 GMT

VARIOUS DAYLIFE Guidelines for livestreaming and posting videos/images

Last Updated: Tuesday Sep 13 2022 15:30 GMT

Square Enix Co., Ltd. (“Square Enix”) is pleased to receive requests from everyone interested in sharing videos and images of our games online, but we ask that you be mindful of a few things, as set out in these guidelines (the “Guidelines”).

Square Enix permits you to post online and otherwise use certain content from VARIOUS DAYLIFE (the “Game”) subject to these Guidelines. These Guidelines apply only outside of Japan; if you are located in Japan or have obtained a Japanese version of the Game, please check the different guidelines that apply to you.

[Game Materials]

The “Materials” consist of the following content from the Game:

  • Fan kits for the Game;
  • Gameplay footage, still images, characters, and music from the Game;
  • Text and information from the Game; and
  • Text, information, images, and video footage published on the Game’s official website and the Square Enix-operated website, listed below:

[Permitted Uses]

You may post the Materials online for the following permitted personal uses (the “Permitted Uses”) only:

  • Posting in-game images on your blog(s) or microblog(s), such as Twitter.
  • Sharing gameplay videos on video sharing sites (such as YouTube and Twitch) provided that such sites have a music licensing agreement with the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC). You may also share URLs and thumbnails relating to these videos on personal blogs or microblogging platforms (such as Twitter).

[Legal Notices]

Please display the following legal lines when posting/streaming:

© 2019, 2022 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. VARIOUS DAYLIFE is a registered trademark or trademark of Square Enix Co., Ltd. SQUARE ENIX and the SQUARE ENIX logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

If an image or video is captured using the features in a game console, the lines above may be displayed automatically. If you are using these images or videos as-is, you do not need to display them yourself.

  • Do not delete or alter any legal notices included with the Materials.
  • On platforms that have limited space for text, such as Twitter, you do not need to display the legal notices.
  • If multiple images and/or videos are posted on a single page, you may display the legal notices collectively in one place for the entire page, rather than with each individual image or video.

[Usage Guidelines and Restrictions]

You may not use the Materials except as expressly described in the Permitted Uses above. You may not use any other materials owned or controlled by Square Enix without Square Enix’s prior written consent.

Additional Guidelines and Restrictions:

  • Do not use the Materials for commercial or for-profit purposes.
    • However, you may use official monetization functions available through video sharing sites (such as YouTube and Twitch), and other similar services, provided the applicable video sharing site / similar service has a music usage license agreement with the Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers, and Publishers (JASRAC). Please note that we cannot address individual requests for clearances or questions. Please feel free to share these Guidelines with anyone requesting details about our Guidelines.
  • Posting audio tracks and/or music data as standalone content, and/or posting video content with the sole intention of providing access to the Game’s music, is not permitted.
  • Posting or streaming only (or primarily) movie scenes, cutscenes, and similar Materials as standalone content, and/or posting video content with the sole (or primary) intention of providing the Game’s movie scenes and cutscenes for viewing, is not permitted.
  • Do not livestream, post videos, or post anything from areas of the Game where it is designated that recording is not permitted.
  • Do not modify the Materials.
    • However, you may create content that combines the Materials with an overlay of your own voice and/or a video of yourself commentating on the Game.
  • Do not use the Materials in combination with third party content.
  • Do not reproduce shared content other than as expressly contemplated by these Guidelines. For example, you cannot collect and distribute Materials via other media —e.g., in book form— even if you do not stand to gain financially from doing so.
  • Do not use the Materials to promote anything, including other products or services.
  • You must comply with the applicable platform’s terms of use.
  • Do not slander other players or any other person.
  • Do not share Materials on a site or service which i) requires payment to access or use, ii) is limited to viewers 18 years and older, iii) goes against public order and standards of decency, and/or iv) is affiliated with religious / political / antisocial activities.
  • Please be careful with revealing any Game account ID when creating content.
  • You are responsible for following these Guidelines when livestreaming and posting content that incorporates the Materials.
  • If you fail to follow these Guidelines when using the Materials, you may be temporarily or permanently suspended from using the Game (as determined by Square Enix in its sole discretion).
  • Square Enix makes no guarantees concerning the Materials, including that the Materials will not infringe third party rights. Square Enix will not compensate you or any third party for any damages or injuries that arise as a result of use of the Materials.
  • You must immediately comply with any request from Square Enix to remove Materials from any shared content, website, or service, regardless of whether Square Enix provides a reason for the request or not. Square Enix reserves the right to require removal of any content incorporating the Materials that it deems to be inappropriate in its sole discretion. Square Enix may submit takedown requests to third parties for any Materials at Square Enix’s sole discretion.
  • Posting any Materials prior to the Game’s official release date is not permitted.
  • Prior to the Game’s official release date, only Materials that have been officially released by Square Enix are permitted for use.
  • Square Enix may modify these Guidelines in its sole discretion at any time.