WAR TABLE Weekly Blog #53

WAR TABLE Weekly Blog #53

This coming week is Marvel’s Avengers’ One-Year Anniversary, and we’re celebrating in a few ways!

First, free stuff! You can grab our Anniversary Bundle (details below) from 9/2 - 9/8, which includes a new Outfit, Nameplate, and Consumables (Catalysts and Extractors).

You’ll also see a new Mission Chain – “1 Year Anniversary!” – that runs from 9/2 - 9/16. In order to complete the Mission Chain, you’ll need to complete each Campaign, including the Reassemble campaign, both the Kate and Clint Operations, and our newly released War for Wakanda Expansion. Completing the chain earns you a snazzy new Nameplate celebrating the game’s anniversary. Don’t miss out! If you already completed all of them, you’ll retroactively be granted the reward.

Published September 3, 2021
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