More Square Enix friendships that will warm your heart

Let’s celebrate some of the greatest friendships in Square Enix history, from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE and beyond!
By Duncan Heaney

Forget things like Summons or Limit Breaks - friendship is the most powerful force in the universe. It lifts our spirits when we’re down, fills us with laughter and happiness, and makes us all feel like better people. We’re grateful to have it.

Good friendships are a wonderful thing to witness in games too - as we’ve talked about before. So in that spirit, we wanted to celebrate some of the most memorable BFFs of all.

Only the sternest-hearted could fail to be uplifted by the likes of…

Hawkeye and Niccolo - Trials of Mana

There’s friendship and then there’s ‘break you out of prison’ friendship.

We should all be so lucky to have someone like Niccolo in our lives. He’s loyal, reliable and affectionate. He’s also a cat - which makes those traits all the more surprising.

He and Hawkeye live together in the desert fortress of Nevarl, where they operate as skilled members of the thieves guild. Between the two of them, no item is safe and no chest goes unplundered. At least until the sinister Belladonna arrives.

Thanks to her manipulative machinations, Hawkeye is locked in the dungeons for a crime he didn’t commit - and his adoptive sister Jessica is placed in mortal danger. All looks bleak for the hero… so thank goodness for Niccolo.

The feline friend breaks through the walls of Hawkeye’s cage, and gives the young rogue a way to escape. Not only that, he promises to stay behind and watch over his family - a decision that doesn’t work out all that well, but hey, it’s the thought that counts.

Wei Shen and Jackie Ma - Sleeping Dogs

Infiltrating the underworld is hard enough, but it’s so much worse when you have to lie to someone you care about.

That’s the awkward situation for undercover cop Wei Shen in Sleeping Dogs. Tasked with working his way into the Hong Kong Triad, he uses his childhood friendship with Jackie Ma to get the job done.

The two have a long history together, and their friendship only grows when they reunite. Thanks to Wei’s influence, Jackie grows in confidence and eventually even get accepted into the organization.

And despite his deceit, Wei Shen feels genuine affection for his comrade, even using his influence to get him released from prison and encouraging him to leave his life as a criminal behind.

Sadly, Jackie’s story doesn’t have a happy ending, but Wei sticks with him until the end - and beyond. Because while their relationship was partly built on lies, the friendship was very real.

The Warrior of Light and Haurchefant - FINAL FANTASY XIV Online

As the Warrior of Light, you’ll make many friends in your adventures across Hydaelyn and beyond. But Lord Haurchefant Greystone has earned a special place in many players’ hearts for one simple reason: he’s awesome.

Unlike a number of his peers, this noble Elezen is friendly and welcoming towards adventurers. He’s always ready with a smile, will do whatever he can to help his friends. Haurchefant forms a close bond with the Warrior of Light, who finds an encouraging and reliable companion in him.

You first meet in FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, where Haurchefant enlists your aid to unravel a conspiracy and help him save an innocent man from execution. That early quest shows you what type of man he is and provides a firm foundation for your friendship.

But that relationship really blossoms in Heavensward, the game’s first expansion. You’ll get much more insight into Haurchefant’s unique family situation and discover what he’s willing to do to aid those he believes in.

He’s as steadfast a friend as a hero could ever meet and one that no Warrior of Light will ever forget.

Of course, when it comes to making friends with… well, basically anyone, Sora’s the true master.

This big-hearted hero travels to many Disney and Pixar worlds, becoming best buds with almost everyone he meets, from street rats like Aladdin to heroes like Hercules. But few of his many, many pals mean as much to him - and vice versa - as Riku.

As friends and rivals living together on the Destiny Islands, the two dreamed off setting off to search for new lands. That wish comes true in the most traumatic way, when the Heartless attack their home and tear the young buddies apart.

A stranded Sora sets out on a search for Riku, while his friend takes… a darker path. But despite everything, Sora never gives up on their bond - and helps bring his buddy back to the light.

Since then, the two friends have fought together, laughed together and saved each other time and time again. As Sora says, his friends are his power and thanks to Riku, he’s very powerful indeed.

Biggs, Wedge and Jessie - FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE

Biggs, Wedge and Jessie: three very different personalities united by their opposition to the Shinra Electric Power Company. Also a love for Jessie’s Mom’s pizza.

Together, they’re core members of the anti-Shira group Avalanche, and their skills complement each other to form a pillar of strength that will never crumble. Biggs is the brains of the cell, with keen strategic insight that helps keeps plans on track even when they’re violently derailed.

Jessie is the tech specialist, building bombs and fake IDs to get the group through Shinra’s security and take down their Mako reactors, and Wedge is the organization’s heart - and stomach. His strong resolve and unwavering commitment to his friends pulls them out of trouble more than once.

But they’re so much more than colleagues, they’re also close friends. You can see this in their mission to the upper plate in Chapter 4, where you get to spend an extended period of time just hanging out with the trio.

You learn how intimately they know each other - and their foibles. You get insight into how much they care about each other and support them unquestioningly. Most importantly, you get the sense that they genuinely love being around each other - and that sense of joy is infectious.

Those were just some of the friendships that warmed our hearts in Square Enix games, but do you agree? Can you think of other examples? Let us know on social media: