6 things we learned from the new Forspoken trailer

A new trailer landed for Forspoken today, with plenty of brand new information and insight to be discovered. We’ll take you through just six of the coolest new details. Body:
By Teague Emery
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In case you missed it, Square Enix and Luminous Productions dropped a new trailer for Forspoken today; it’s a game we’ve all been itching to see more of since its last trailer drop back in March, and it didn’t disappoint.

This is the first story trailer for the game and it reveals a ton of new info and insight into the characters, world and gameplay of Forspoken. So, let’s look at the top 6 things we discovered when watching the new trailer.

Forspoken trailer

Frey’s A City Girl

This was the first time we received concrete details about our lead character Frey’s story. In the trailer we see her living a troubled life in New York City: Frey is directionless, she’s lonely, lost and looking for a way out. She has little to hold on to, save for a very cute feline friend called Homer.

While dreaming of escape, Frey is transported through a portal and finds herself in the mysterious land of Athia. Be careful what you wish for?

Forspoken screenshot

Athia looks beautiful, and all kinds of dangerous

We already knew this, having seen a fair number of screenshots of stunning scenery and frightening foes, but this new trailer takes it to a whole new level, showcasing just how vast and diverse the land of Athia really is.

Glades, ruins, castles and cliffs are all realised with incredible detail, and watching Frey traverse between them looks ridiculously fun (but we’ll get to that later). Athia looks like a dream, if it wasn’t for the huge array of monsters seemingly stalking the lands…

We’re talking vicious feathered fiends, weird goblin like monsters, dragons, and more… Athia may be stunning, but it sure looks scary.

Forspoken screenshot

The traversal is insanely fun

We’ve seen Frey scale the scenery before, but this is the first time we’ve had a real look at the way Frey explores the land of Athia, and it looks phenomenal.

Forget summoning a mount, Forspoken introduces a truly unique form of travel: Magic Parkour! We see Frey seamlessly launch across rooftops, descend cliff faces, and swing to usually unreachable ledges, effortlessly navigating the impossible with the help of her magical powers. We can’t wait to have a go…let’s face it, it beats our usual commute.

Forspoken screenshot
Forspoken screenshot

Swords are so 2020

One thing that really stands out in the new footage is Frey’s distinct lack of any weapon. There’s no sword, shield, bow or axe to be found in her arsenal, and frankly, it’s pretty refreshing. Instead, Frey takes down her foes with her newly discovered magic abilities.

Frey throws water orbs, shoots charges from her bare hands, and conjures an incredible tidal wave to encase, then freeze her foes. We have it on good authority that there are tons of magic abilities to discover in Forspoken, so this is just a taste of the fun we’ll have battling through Athia.

Forspoken screenshot

There is something called a Tanta, and she looks formidable

This is the first time we’ve gotten a sense of Forspoken’s antagonist(s?), and from what we can tell, she’s not to be trifled with. We’re informed that the Tantas are twisted and destructive, all powerful matriarchs, who have dominion over Athia.

“Tanta Sila is the strongest and most formidable of the Tantas,” Frey is told in the trailer, before being asked to rid the land of her evil. What follows is a short clip of Tanta Sila looking as sinister and evil as a sinister, evil sorceress could.

Looks like Frey will go head-to-head with Tanta Sila, but if she is the most formidable Tanta, how dangerous will Frey’s journey to take her down become?

Forspoken screenshot

There’s a whole lot of talent Onboard

We’ve been excited to see Forspoken come to life since learning that Ella Balinska was playing our protagonist Frey, but the list of talent attached to this game is stellar.

We also got a glimpse of another recognisable face bringing their acting chops to the game: Keala Settle (The Greatest Showman) as Johedy, teaching Frey the perils of Athia.

And it doesn’t stop there, actor Jonathan Cake is quite literally on-hand to help Frey navigate Athia, as magical sentient bracelet ‘Cuff’; while Janina Gavankar appears as the formidable Tanta Sila and Monica Barbaro who plays Auden, a kind and open-minded young woman who accepts Frey.

Alongside the talent on-screen there’s a ton working behind the scenes, with the writing team including the award-winning Amy Hennig (Uncharted) and Hollywood’s renowned writer, Gary Whitta (Rogue One) working with lead writers Allison Rymer and Todd Stashwick.

Finally, the soundtrack sounds incredibly promising based on the trailer track alone. We can’t wait to hear more of what Bear McCreary (God of War, The Walking Dead) and Garry Schyman (Bioshock) bring to the game.

Forspoken will release on PlayStation 5 and PC (Epic Games Store, Windows Store and STEAM) in Spring 2022.

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