6 game worlds Square Enix fans wished they lived in

We asked you to tell us which Square Enix worlds you’d live in if you could. Let’s take a look at some of your suggestions.
By Duncan Heaney

Last year, we posted a blog: 7 Square Enix game worlds we wish we lived in.

We also asked about the worlds that you think would be best to live in, and you came up with some great suggestions - some of which should probably have been on the original list, to be honest.

With that in mind, here are 6 more Square Enix worlds that you, the fans, would choose to live in:



Few game worlds are as fully formed and beautiful as Ivalice. It’s been the setting for multiple games, but one depiction in particular seemed to appeal to people: FINAL FANTASY XII.

It’s not difficult to understand why - the massive cities, such as Rabanastre and the Imperial City of Archades are vast, densely populated and visually stunning. Smaller settlements are equally memorable, and the regions around them all are wide, varied, and full of unforgettable sights.

Even the residents are interesting - with Humes, Viera, Bangaaa and Moogles all living around each other, it’s a truly wonderful melting pot of different cultures

There are things to watch out for, of course: there’s a seedy underbelly to cities like Rabanastre, and step too far out of the cities and you’re liable to have your face mauled off by an over-leveled Wild Sauron.

Even so, many fans would relish the chance to inhabit this world themselves. And you know what? We’re right there with them.


Altissia from FINAL FANTASY XV

A common sentiment fans who read the last list was that all FINAL FANTASY worlds would be pretty awkward to live in. For example, there’s the constant threat of monster attacks and the fact that you often have to hoof it around on foot.

To them I say: what about FINAL FANTASY XV’s Eos?

Unlike most worlds in the series, the star offers fantastic transport links, with trains, roads and ferries connecting the many towns and cities together. So long as you stay on the road (and don’t travel at night), you should have an enjoyably monster-free journey to your destination.

Oh, and what destinations they are - the ornate skyscrapers of Insomnia, the bustling alleys of Lestallum… each settlement is bursting with life and imagination. But one city in particular struck a chord with fans as a potential second home: Altissia.

And we have to mention the food too! Eos is full of mouthwatering meals, from Burly Beef Bowls to the ludicrously Stacked Ham Sandwich.

Stacked Ham Sandwich from FINAL FANTASY XV

…okay, we’re going to need a moment to clean up the drool.

Erdrea - DRAGON QUEST XI S - Echoes of an Elusive Age: Definitive Edition

The city of Heliodor from DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition

While we thought we did a decent job of justifying our original list, there were a few omissions that we were quite rightly called out on. One of the most common was Erdrea - the beautifully vibrant land of DRAGON QUEST XI S.

Well, consider us suitably chastised. Erdrea is indeed wonderfully realised, full of distinct regions and personalities that make it feel like a cohesive world.

Whether you’re attracted to the simple country living of Cobblestone, the opulent grandeur of Heliodor, the Haiku-inflected dialect of Hotto, or even the snowy landscapes of Sniflheim, each area is full of wonderful sights and even more wonderful people to enjoy them with.

Of course, there is that whole ‘dark impending threat’ thing to worry about, but hey - leave it to the Luminary to sort all that out. We’d be happy to simply spend our time Zooming over to Octagonia for a few spins of the Slime Quest machine, taking in horse races in Gallopolis before finishing the day with a show at the circus.

We hear good things about the Great Sylvando…

Twilight Town - KINGDOM HEARTS series

Sora taking a selfie in Twilight Town

KINGDOM HEARTS is a little different than most series from Square Enix. Rather than just one, these games feature a multitude of worlds, from original creations to worlds inspired by some of Disney and Pixar’s greatest works.

All fine places to visit, but one World in particular resonated with fans as a place they’d love to actually live: Twilight Town.

We get it - this cozy town has it all: warm sunsets, a fully-functional tram system, friendly residents and - most excitingly - all the sea salt ice cream you can eat! By the time of KINGDOM HEARTS III, it’s even added a Worlds-class bistro, Le Grand Bistrot, thanks to the entrepreneurial efforts of Scrooge McDuck and Little Chef.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a big shot or a Nobody, Twilight Town is definitely the place to be!



Some suggest that FINAL FANTASY XIII’s Cocoon would be a lovely place to live.

This spherical world has seemingly been created as a paradise by super-powerful beings known as the fal’Cie, and they’ve done a bang-up job. Despite being artificial, it supports tens of millions of humans, providing all with light, warmth, food, and comfort.

Although, as one fan pointed out, maybe the food’s not all it’s cracked up to be…

Even so, Cocoon’s would make quite the home, especially the town of Bodhum. In addition to beautiful waters and clean streets, its annual fireworks festival is quite the spectacle.

And all this is thanks to the generosity and altruism of the fal’Cie. Yup. Nothing suspect there at all.


When we looked at the responses to our previous blog, one thing was very clear: you like FINAL FANTASY IX’s world. A lot.

We’re right there with you - the world of Gaia is one of the most charming and memorable in all of gaming. From the medieval-inspired streets of Alexandria to the industrial wonderland of Lindblum, every settlement on the Mist Continent is full of life and joy.

There’s an amazing arts scene to be found too - performing companies like the Tantalus Theatre Troupe regularly put on amazing plays like I Want To Be Your Canary, and those seeking further entertainment will find that a game of Tetra Master is never far away.

Ultimately, some game worlds just give off good vibes, and that’s definitely the case of FINAL FANTASY IX’s. While it has its problems (some of the rulers have… issues), it’s never less than a joy to spend time there.

…when can we move in?

Thanks everyone for sharing your suggestions. We’re sure you have even more, so share your ideas with the team on social: