7 Tips and Tricks to get started in BABYLON’S FALL!

Here are some tips to help you ascend in BABYLON’S FALL - out now on PlayStation and Steam!
By Jade Oakley

Sentinels! It is a momentous day in Neo Babylon - BABYLON’S FALL is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Steam.

You may have recently seen our overview blog, which told you everything you need to know to get started as a Sentinel, but here are some tips to get you levelled up enough that even the bravest of Gallu will fear you!

Try out Different Factions

To start, BABYLON’S FALL has 3 factions to choose from: The Geleilion, The Agavian and The Huysian.

Huysian are refined seafarers from the east whereas The Geleilion have a deep connection to the natural world. As you start the game, have a think what suits you. Don’t worry about getting locked in, as BABYLON’S FALL has 3 character slots for you to try! We also have an additional faction, The Molzamite, arriving on the 22nd, so be sure to keep your options open.

The faction you pick will affect the way you can customize your Gideon Coffin and the Dynamis abilities that you can learn. Any loot you obtain is shared between all your characters!

BABYLON'S FALL screenshot

Starter Packs

No harm in a little help! The Conch Shop offers several Starter Packs designed to help new Sentinels get on their feet (Conches are the free in-game currency). To get access to the Conch Shop, start a conversation with Pygmalion at the Sentinel Headquarters.

There are several Starter Packs available, each with a unique combination of items that lends itself to a different playstyle. Try them all out to find one that suits you best!

BABYLON'S FALL Gideon Coffin

Don’t forget to level up your Gideon Coffin!

Your Gideon Coffin has four progression paths. Each stat can be upgraded by spending GP, which is gained when you level up your Sentinel!

Don’t forget to check what’s available for your Gideon Coffin in between your battles in the tower and upgrade and experiment with the different options available! Later in the game, you can even obtain different Gideon Coffins for different skill sets.

BABYLON'S FALL screenshot

Exploration will be rewarded

It’s probably the oldest game trick in the book but do be sure to investigate away from the main path in BABYLON’S FALL. Loot awaits in different spots, so don’t be afraid to double check different areas. Chests can contain conches and relics, which will unlock different levels of gear!

Optimize your Enchantments!

As you progress through the tower your Power Level will increase. The higher your Power Level, the more damage you will deal to enemies. Power is important but rare weapons and enchantments can also make sure your Sentinel battles to the best of its ability.

Be sure to check power levels of loot drops, but keep in mind that gear that has the higher rarity or enchantments can be just as powerful.

BABYLON'S FALL screenshot

The Blacksmith is your friend

You can do a lot with your gear in BABYLON’S FALL, so be sure to visit our resident blacksmith Ishum in the Sentinel Headquarters.

You can craft (a little bit later in the game) enhance, strengthen, recycle and refine equipment. Enhancing an item improves its base stats and amplifies the effect of the enchantments, so it’s highly effective to do! Refining gives you the option to further replace an item (weapon or gears) or acquired enchantments.

It’s always a clever idea to visit the Forge to prepare your equipment when you return to the Sentinel Headquarters between quests and see what options are best!

BABYLON'S FALL screenshot

Don’t skip on Accessories!

Accessories are pieces of equipment that grant enchantments to your Sentinel! By progressing the story, you will be able to equip a maximum of three accessories.

There are some enchantments (that unlock special actions) that are unique to accessories, such as giving you the ability to perform special actions. By selecting accessories that complement the enchantments of your weapons and armor, you will be able to build a character that is even more suited to how you want to play.

BABYLON’S FALL is out now on PS4, PS5 and Steam!

To get more help on your journey please check out the Hanging Garden Community Help page, which has a bunch of handy topics for all things BABYLON’S FALL.

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