Champ Man All-Stars out now for Android and iOS!

By Square Enix Team

Come one, come all and bring your friends - Champ Man: All-Stars is out now for free on both Android and iOS! 

Champ Man: All-Stars is quite different to the regular numbered Champ Man games you've come to expect over the years and is an entirely online experience. The majority of Champ Man: All-Stars matches will be played against other human players, though there are also some options for playing against AI controlled teams from around the globe.

Where numbered Champ Man games (2010, 14, 15 etc.) are about managing a real world club and progressing through it's respective leagues and cups, Champ Man All-Stars is all about managing your very own dream team and ultimately seeing how you as a football manager stack up against others. You're able to name your team and stadium and also choose it's colours and design it's kit and badge.

When starting out all players are given a set amount of transfer funds with which you must assemble your squad from the thousands of real world players in the Champ Man database. You can spend most of the money on a single superstar and 10 muppets or go for a more balanced approach… As you progress through the game and earn more transfer funds you can then start to build up your squad as well as improve individual players.

Champ Man: All-Stars features a number of different modes. All-Star Mode allows you to compete against the AI or other players in ranked matches that will place you on a ladder. You can also play friendlies against your friends and participate in organised leagues. In Survival Mode your team must win as many matches as possible before it is defeated three times. The longer you last, the more rewards you'll earn! Finally, Tournament Mode allows you to jump into tournaments of various sizes against other players and can include group stages, quarter- , semi- and regular finals. 

The benefit of having your profile stored on our servers is also that you can switch between devices on the fly and need never worry about losing your progress should your device ever go missing or you choose to upgrade. That being said, we do understand that having a regular internet connection via a mobile device can be tricky for some fans and are therefore happy to let you know that we're currently also working on Champ Man 16, a direct and completely offline follow up to Champ Man 15. We plan to release Champ Man 16 later this year but don't have any further on this for you just yet. 

You can download Champ Man: All-Stars now entirely for free from either Google Play or the App Store. Be sure to follow Champ Man on Twitter and Facebook and also join us on the forums, where we'll be hosting regular competitions  in which you can earn in-game rewards!

So, all that remains to ask is: Who's in YOUR All-Star team?