Circuit Superstars races onto PS4 today!

The superb stylized racing sim is now available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Find out all about it here.
By Duncan Heaney

Here’s some news that’s got us pretty revved up - Circuit Superstars is available on PlayStation 4… right now!

The launch means that the charming racing game is now available on three platforms - Xbox, Steam and now PS4 - and with full crossplay no less. We’re also excited to announce a Switch version of the game will launch in the second quarter of 2022!

Those of you who’ve played it already know that it’s something special - the ‘Very Positive’ rating on Steam bears that out - but those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure may be pondering: “hmm… what is Circuit Superstars?”

Short answer - it’s really awesome, so go play it. Long answer - well (deep breath)…

Circuit Superstars screenshot

What is Circuit Superstars?

Circuit Superstars is what happens when a team of talented racing fans get together to make a game that captures their pure, unfiltered love of motorsport.

Developed by Original Fire Games, it’s a top-down racing game that features fast, competitive action with rally cars, single-seat racers, trucks… and far more. Don’t be fooled by its charming visuals - this is a serious racing game that demands attention, precision and strategy to truly master.

Circuit Superstars screenshot

The cars feel amazing to drive, each with nuanced handling that you’ll have to learn if you want to shave crucial seconds off your lap times and beat the competition.

You’ll have to learn how hard you can push to stay on the track, as a simple mistake is enough to send you spinning off into the tires - even professional racing drivers have fallen foul of that, as they found out in last year’s Top Gear X Circuit Superstars Star in a Reasonably Fast Car Invitational 2021!

So what can you expect from the new PS4 release?

12 racing disciplines

In many respects, Circuit Superstars is a love letter to motorsport in all its forms - a celebration of squealing tires and burning rubber. To that end, the game features many different types of racing, including open-wheel single seaters, Rallycross, GT Racing, SuperTrucks, Eurotrucks and loads more.

Each type of vehicle offers a different style of racing - and a different type of challenge for you to master.

Circuit Superstars screenshot

19 tracks in 13 locations

As you can see, Circuit Superstars isn’t short on variety and that’s true for the tracks as well. You can put pedal to the metal on 19 distinct courses, set across 13 different locations, truly capturing the diverse, global nature of motorsport.

Circuit Superstars screenshot

Lots of ways to race solo

If you want to truly master all disciplines, you’ll need to overcome all of the single player tournaments in the game, which cover all types of racing. With the ability to compete against 5 different AI difficulties, you’ll always be able to find a worthy challenge… or an easy ride if that’s what you prefer.

Circuit Superstars

Online multiplayer with crossplay!

You can race online with up to 12 other players. The game supports full crossplay, so PS4, Xbox and PC players can compete together for dominance of the racetrack.

Alternatively, you take to the track and race against the community’s best lap times in weekly time trials.

Circuit Superstars

More fun to come!

There’s a lot to dig into with Circuit Superstars, but the race isn’t over yet - there’s loads of additional content coming in free updates in the future!

Circuit Superstars is out now on PS4, Xbox One and Steam