5 inspiring times Square Enix heroes came together to save the day

From FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE to Marvel’s Avengers, we celebrate those moments where characters combined forces to achieve incredible things.
By The Square Enix Team

When we come together, we can achieve incredible things.

Hope, unity, determination - these are the qualities that are elevated when we support one another, and work hand in hand on a common goal.

That philosophy has been front and center in many of our recent games, from the super-heroic spectacle of Marvel’s Avengers to the Avalanche of action that was FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

We wanted to highlight and celebrate some of the best examples, so here are five inspiring instances of Square Enix heroes coming together to save the day.

Marvel’s Avengers: The Avengers Reassembled

Few games exemplify the importance of unity quite like Marvel’s Avengers. It’s a primary focus of the game’s lengthy single player campaign, which examines what happens to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when it disappears.

A-Day is the worst moment in Avengers history. What was meant to be a celebration of peace and clean energy becomes a living nightmare, as an explosion takes out much of San Francisco… and Captain America himself.

Grief and guilt tears the team apart, and without a leader to bind them, the heroes go their separate ways. But a world without the Avengers is a dangerous one - and MODOK, and his organization AIM uses that vacuum to gain power and influence across the globe.

Aggressively authoritarian control and inhuman rights abuses are just scraping the surface of their sinister shenanigans - someone needs to stop them.

Fortunately, someone does. Kamala Khan - a young woman with amazing powers - undertakes a journey to bring the Avengers back together again. It's not an easy road, but as MODOK puts his master plan into action, the Avengers finally stand together as one.

It’s an uplifting tale that reminds us that as strong as these amazing heroes are, they’re even more powerful together.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 2: The family comes together in a crisis

Sean and Daniel Diaz have had to overcome a lot in a very short time. Torn from their home by tragedy, and on the run from the police, the brothers seek refuge in the home of their grandparents - Claire and Steven Reynolds.

While safe and secure, there are clear tensions bubbling under the surface. Claire is devoutly religious and imposes strict restrictions on the boys, but a bigger source of conflict is her reluctance to speak of their absent mother - something Sean has many questions about.

The drama comes to a head when the brothers break into their mother’s old room - something Claire explicitly told them not to do. When she returns to find them snooping, she’s… less than pleased.

The underlying tensions finally boil over, and an explosive argument erupts. But just as both sides are starting to say things they might regret, Steven is crushed by a falling cabinet.

With Steven in real danger, all conflict is instantly dropped as the family rallies together to lift the offending armoire. Compounding matters, the police arrive, and Claire volunteers to distract them so Sean and Daniel can make a break for it.

It just goes to show that no matter how much we disagree, no matter how much we bicker, family will always rally round each other when it matters most.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers: The Warriors of Darkness unite!

One of the greatest things about FINAL FANTASY XIV Online is how it brings people together… and we mean that literally! From dangerous Dungeons, to high stakes Triple Triad tourneys, every activity is an opportunity to join up and interact with real players just like you.

A similar theme of togetherness runs throughout the storyline most recent expansion, Shadowbringers, which came to its rousing conclusion in Patch 5.3. With the fate of Norvrandt hanging in the balance, the Warriors of Darkness must fight as one to save the land… and that doesn’t just mean you.

We’ll avoid going into more detail because it’s a remarkable moment, but suffice to say that it captures the spirit of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online as a whole - cooperation, collaboration and community.

DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition: Sylvando brings a smile to the world

If we’re judged by the company we keep, the hero of DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition is very lucky person indeed.

He’s accompanied on his quest by an incredibly charismatic cast of characters, including quick-witted rogue Erik, prickly mage Veronica and golden-hearted Rab. But no companion speaks to the power of coming together as much as the knight of smiles himself - Sylvando.

This charming entertainer gets a special spotlight in the Definitive Edition, with a new chapter focused entirely on him. At this point in the overall tale, events have taken a turn against the heroes and everyone’s feeling a little glum.

Ever the optimist, Sylvando decides to do something about it - he decides he’s not going to just cheer up a few friends, he’s going to put a smile on the entire world!

What follows is a madcap adventure across the land of Erdrea, as Sylvando gathers followers, raises spirits and brings communities back together - all in support of his golden-hearted goal.

His quest is funny, earnest and one of the most life-affirming sequences you’ll play all year!

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE: Tifa and Aerith become BFFs

They say that a stranger’s a friend you’ve haven’t met yet, and that’s definitely true for Tifa and Aerith in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

Even during their first meeting, in a dank cellar in Don Corneo’s gaudy Wall Market residence, there’s an instant rapport between the two. They quickly become a formidable force - when confronted with a room of Midgar’s sleaziest goons, the duo spring into action with impressive results.

Tifa’s martial arts training lets her take her foes apart with practiced ease, and Aerith… well, she has a chair.

Their friendship only grows in the following hours, with the two women bound by mutual respect, trust, and an absolute refusal to put up with any of Cloud’s brooding tough guy act.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is a game all about connections and people coming together, and Tifa and Aerith’s charming friendship is a quintessential example.

Those were just a few times characters came together and became all the better for it in 2020. As these uplifting examples of jolly cooperation show, we’re stronger, happier and more effective when we’re united.

And if that’s not a positive message to end on, what is?

We’re sure you have your own examples to share, or disagree with some of our choices, so come together on social media to share your thoughts: