How we reimagined Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy for the new game

Bruno Gauthier-Leblanc, Art Director on the game, talks about how the team created a fresh look for the misfit team of heroes
By Bruno Gauthier-Leblanc

Hey everyone! I’m Bruno Gauthier-Leblanc, Art Director on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. With this game, we were very fortunate to have the creative freedom to reimagine the Guardians and come up with our own version of this group of misfits that is both unique and recognizable.

While we took inspiration from their legacy, including the comics, it was also very important for us that their designs help tell their story and where they come from in our universe.



It’s pretty obvious that Peter sort of got stuck in the 1980s, when he was abducted as a teenager. So, his attire is rooted in the fashion of that era - but with a sci-fi twist!

As some of us on the team are children of the 1980s ourselves, we had a blast designing his character: the exaggerated hairstyle, the studs on his leather jacket, the pins that harken back to things like his favorite video game…

Every little detail tells the story of this kid who had to grow up the hard way and held onto cherished memories. One of them being the Star-Lord patch on his back, which is from his favorite rock band.



She is the deadliest woman in the galaxy. We wanted her outfit to reflect her past as an assassin, as well as how swift and lethal she is. This is why we chose the full tactical body armor for her.

The armored sections of the suit are designed with sharp edges to emphasize this further. Everything about her style is sharp and practical: her hairstyle, her sword, down to the blades on her knuckles and boots. Do not mess with her - you’ve been warned.



Drax was an interesting one as his design is also deeply linked to his backstory, but in a way that is less apparent at first glance.

The markings on his body are actually not just tattoos: in our lore, they tell about all the important events he went through, for example, his love for his family and the battles he fought to honor and avenge them.

Drax has been through a lot, and his markings are a testament to his resilience.

Rocket and Groot


These two characters go way back; they are best friends and inseparable. As such, their fighting style and consequently their visual designs were developed to complement each other.

For Groot, and specifically his bark, we drew inspiration from the look of armor plating from Japanese mech designs. For Rocket, it was all about his passion for gadgets and weapons (he does love explosives) - which is best illustrated by his transforming backpack and his tinkering goggle.

Their gear echoes their dynamic and how integral they are to one another: for instance, Groot wears a harness created by Rocket so he can climb up and fire away at enemies, and Rocket sports a bead shaped like a mini-Groot in his goatee.

So, what are some of your favorite details from our take on the Guardians? Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and let us know!