Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free Edition out now on Steam and PS4

Who would win in a fight between Final Fantasy’s most iconic characters? Find out for free.
By Duncan Heaney

It’s a battle that has raged for years - in playgrounds and dorm rooms, bars and board rooms, forums and Facebook… who is the best Final Fantasy character?

There’s only one way to find out… FIIIIIIIIGHT! And now you can do so absolutely free, because Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free Edition is out now on Steam and PlayStation 4.

What is Dissidia Final Fantasy NT?

The premise of Dissidia is simple: take your favourite characters from the Final Fantasy series, drop them in memorable locations from throughout the games and then watch them try to beat seven bells out each other.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT features three-on-three team battles, and a cast of more than 25 characters. It was developed in collaboration with Team NINJA from KOEI TECMO GAMES, and offers up battles that are spectacularly flashy, but incredibly fun and precise.

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But more than anything, I’d say it’s a joyful celebration of Final Fantasy, and everything that fans love about the series.

For example, you could take original PlayStation-era icons Cloud, Squall and Zidane, and put them head to head against newer characters from the PS3 and PS4 era, like Lightning, Y’shtola and Noctis.

In Final Fantasy XII’s City of Rabanastre.

While the awesome battle music from Final Fantasy VI plays in the background.

And then if you win, your characters will do dramatic poses to the classic fanfare: ‘da da da daaah da da da da daaaaah’!

…it’s a treat for fans, is what I’m saying. But even if you’re not, it’s an exciting, dynamic fighting game in its own right.

What do you get in the Free Edition?

The Free Edition gives you a small sample of the full retail game. Here’s an overview of what you’ll get:

  • Access to the online multiplayer, so you can compete against other players - both those using the Free Edition, and those with the full retail release.

  • Daily challenges that will help hone your skills - these can be completed in a variety of gameplay modes

  • Four free to play fighters. These rotate on a weekly basis, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore the full roster and find that character who clicks with your style.

If you do find a particular fighter you like and want to keep, you have a couple of options available:

  • You can buy individual characters and weapons, so you can keep using that Sephiroth you clearly want, even if he’s out of rotation.

  • Alternatively, you can buy the complete version - essentially upgrade to the full retail release of the game. This will give you access to the full roster, story mode, more offline modes and more.

Okay, so who is the best Final Fantasy character?

Ugh - we’re back here again are we? Look, obviously, Square Enix loves all its children and couldn’t possibly pick a favorite.

But in Dissidia? I main Zidane, and since I’m the best, he must be the best, right? That’s logic.

Disagree? Come at me - I’ll see you on the battlefield…