DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT - Hazama-san's Advice to Tokido and Daigo

By Square Enix Team

Hi FINAL FANTASY party people!


On Dec 12th, we partnered with our good friends over at HyperX to put on a charity livestream, which included DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT.


Watch the full HyperX Charity Stream Here:



During the DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT portion, which starts at (5 hours, 0 min, 0 sec), Producer Hazama sat down to play alongside legendary fighting game players – Tokido (winner of 2017’s EVO Street Fighter V championships) and a man who needs no introduction – Daigo “the beast” Umehara.

During the chat between Producer Hazama, Tokido, and Daigo -- our amazing translator Aileen Matsuoka was able to swiftly translate and transcribe all of the advice that Hazama provided to these Street Fighter professionals.

So in case you wanted to receive instructions from the development team of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT, we hope you enjoy the below read!



General controls:

• You can move your target to the right or left of the current target by pushing the L2 or R2 buttons respectively

• Hold both L2 and R2 buttons simultaneously to target the opponent (or summoning crystal) that is closest to you

• You can rush towards opponent by holding the R1 button (no directional input). You can also rush (dash) in any direction with direction input from the Left Stick + R1 button.

• You can dash in the air or on the ground: whatever height you start is where you’ll stay in.

• It’s okay to keep dashing until the dash meter is depleted. It’s also okay to just keep holding the dash button (R1) throughout the fight.

• Different attacks can be unleashed depending on if you’re in the air, on the ground or dashing.

• Each character will have different types of attacks that they can do.

• You can quickly recover from opponent’s Bravery attacks with the Circle Button. You will be invincible for a short duration of time if you recover in this way.

• There is a “wall” around the arena that you can pin opponents to

• Strong players will never fight with their backs to the wall so that they will not get pinned.

• Some characters have attacks that are easier to pin opponents to the wall.

• Can guard opponent’s Bravery attack with the L1 button.

• You can also sidestep with the directional input from the L Stick and the L1 button. However, you won’t be able to move for a short duration of time after you sidestep.

• If you see that an opponent’s Bravery point is glowing purple (meaning they can one-hit kill one of your teammates), it’s good to go after them with Bravery attacks (X button) to lower their Bravery points.



• Your team can call forth a summon by filling up the meter (top left of the screen)

• It requires destroying about two summoning cores and a bit to fill up the meter.

• You can target the summoning core by pressing the L2 or R2 button.

• Call forth your summon by holding the touch pad: your team can call summons instantly if all teammates hold the touch pad simultaneously.

• The summons will move on their own will, and their attacks cannot be guarded.

• All of the summons follow a similar pattern in their attacks but the types of attacks are different.

• Each summon gives the team different stat boosts so you’d want to choose one that matches your team. Popularity of the summons changes over time as well.

• Summons will lower opponent’s Bravery to 0. Successfully hitting a Bravery attack onto an opponent at this time will lower their Bravery to “below 0” and will break the opponent. This will give you additional 1000 Bravery points



• He has strong HP attacks

• However, he’s stronger on the ground than in the air (he’s really not good in the air). Thus, he has Bravery attacks that will shoot him down to the ground so he can stay on the ground.



• He can cancel attack combos with his unique EX Skill (Triangle button).

• He can parry opponent’s Bravery attack with X Button + Down (stick). The opponent (if short-ranged hand-to-hand attack) will be set back allowing for Jecht to fight back during that time.


Vs. Tidus’ Jecht Shot:

• The first attack of the Jecht Shot is slow to execute so if you can dodge that first attack, you can close in on him to deal damage to him in return.


Thank you all for tuning in- and now one month later from the stream, we’d like to invite you all to join our open beta which started today! To learn more, check out our link here: (https://www.dissidiafinalfantasynt.com/en-us/beta/) 



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