Explore distant worlds riddled with ominous wonders

By Square Enix Team

Collective community, it's the last blog entry for the feedback platform in 2017. Within this final edition we have Koruldia Heritage, a story-driven JRPG that takes inspiration from metroidvania-esque titles. 

Lost on the moon of a remote planet you have to reconnect with a forgotten culture and travel with your loyal Korumon, a creature made like you from biotechnologies that question humanity's heritage.

Each path will be different and you will enjoy navigating through an in-depth story that reacts to the way you deal with confrontation.

Koruldia Heritage takes inspiration from metroidvania-esque games, meaning players can freely explore an open world that allows them to complete dungeons in any order and collect useful items, make allies, cross the path of enemies and find puzzles and secrets. 

An original feature of the game is to provide a battle system that is similar to classics turnbased JRPG, yet allows a hack as some confrontations can be resolved peacefully when you think you can bring enemies to their senses. 

If you'd like to learn more about Koruldia Heritage, then please head over to their pitch page where you can talk directly to the developers and vote to support their title. You can do that here.