FINAL FANTASY III patch adds new features to the game

Update for Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game includes auto battle, speed-up mode and more.
By Duncan Heaney

A new patch for FINAL FANTASY III has arrived, and it enhances the game with some fantastic new features, from the ability to speed up battles, to a Gallery mode.

The update is available on Steam, iOS and Android - you can see some of the changes in this new trailer:

When it originally launched in 1990, FINAL FANTASY III was a major hit - the first title in the series to become a million-seller. It’s legacy continues to influence the series to this day - this was game that introduced powerful Summons, including Ifrit and Shiva, for example.

The PC, iOS and Android versions updated the classic game with improved 3D visuals and new story sequences, and this new patch enhances them further with brand new features, including:

  • Gallery Mode

  • Auto battle function

  • 2x speed mode in battle

  • User interface changes (Steam version only)

  • Support for 21:9 ratio (Steam version only)

  • New languages: Traditional Chinese (Steam version), Simplified Chinese (Steam version), Thai and Japanese.

The patch is available now for all owners of the game.

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