By Square Enix Team

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is coming to PS4 next year and here's a message from the producer of the game - Hiroaki Kato.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is officially making its way to European shores in 2017! Players can expect several modern advancements when they return to Ivalice, including a reconstructed battle design and a revamped job system. I am excited for European gamers to experience several all-new gameplay features, including The Zodiac Job System and Trial Mode for the first time!

Updated graphics

We’re thrilled to give players a chance to return to Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, so we’ve updated the visuals to full HD resolution, including the environments, characters, and movie scenes to make sure they look their best on PlayStation 4.

Newly recorded soundtrack

Final Fantasy XII’s soundtrack features some of the most beloved songs in the series’ history, and this was a perfect opportunity to revisit its epic score. We’ve re-recorded FFXII’s background music using the current generation of sound production, now in true 7.1 surround. For the purists out there, you have the option to switch between the new and original versions of the score at any time.

Improvements from the International version of FFXII

Hardcore Final Fantasy fans in the US may remember that an International Version of the game was released that included a new character growth system, as well as various other improvements to the game’s interface. We are happy to report that The Zodiac Age integrates all of these features and updates, so fans can finally experience them for themselves. Modern advancements including PlayStation 4 Trophy support and Share functionality, auto-save, shortened loading times, overlaid location map and more are new!

I am excited for both new and returning fans to enjoy the world of Ivalice! Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is set to launch on PlayStation 4 next year, but we’ll have more to share before then. Stay tuned to PlayStation Blog for more information as we get closer to its 2017 release.

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hello alguein ocnsigue la pica de poder podria decirmelo me hice lancero para cosneguirla gracias
My favorite FF series EVER. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if this game was on Steam. It would be a to-die-for wish.
Can you unlock your all games in steam for Chinese players?
Yeah do it for pc too i love this game to much
Finally my favorite Final Fantasy is being remade! Well I've known about it but I'm just now commenting on it.
Good, i love ff12! Now i hope in ff Fortress remade
Yes yes YES... Thank you!!!! One of my most Favorite Final Fantasy games and you are giving it life again <3 So looking forward for this ^.^
Thank you, thank you !!!!!!!Merci, merci !!!!! Mon FF préféré avec le 4 !!!!!!!! Vivement Février 2017 !!!!!!
Please release this for PC too! FF12 is my favorite, but I'm a hardcore PC player...
Im so excited, ive been waiting for this, one of my favourite ff games of the series. :D
Don't forget to bring this to Steam!~ :) Thanks ....
This will be better than ff15
I ma really excited for this now especially after watching the E3 stage, it is really bad that FFX/X-2 HD remaster did not apply the same steps, especially for the languages option. For me now, this is ultimate copy of FF12 after these 10 years. I am really looking forward to it ^^.
Quite amazingly powerful that they should do a remake of this absolutely wonderful game, I understand that you want to make it to the PS4. But I how really think this is the best game off FFX series. But I will not even be able to play it on my ps3, since I have neither afford neither a PS4 and internet and I have really set forward to play it on Ps3. And since I have so hard to find a PS2 and FXII, so it looks like I will never get to play this game again. I really think it's really sad it will not come to ps3 just like FFX and FFX-2 did.
[bw]hell[/bw] yeah! I love to replay all these gems om my ps, remaster,rerelease whatever I don''t care I want them all! Now I'll just crawl back in my cave hoping for a silent ps4 release of IX...
Thanks so much for this, Square-Enix! I first played the original FFXII almost ten years ago! I got the Collector's Edition as a Christmas present (along with the limited edition and strategy book and special soundtrack CD) and was blown away by how immensely large the game was. Definitely excited to experience the Zodiac System and listen to the re-recorded soundtrack!
Awesome, I've been waiting for this since I knew that the International Zodiac Job System edition was released in Japan! Just a tiny question, because it's not 100% clear to me: will we be able to choose between the standard and Zodiac gameplay or is only one option available?
@CalangoMage, i don't think there is much chance of that i'm afraid not only is the XB1 a poor selling console in Japan but the FF series has done quite poorly on XBOX over the years especially in comparison to PlayStation and even PC it just might not be worthwhile for them to release it on the XB1 i'm not saying it's impossible and i think everyone should be able to play third party games no matter what system they own but as it stands right now it's probably not worth it they go where the biggest market is and right now that's PlayStation and PC (i wouldn't be surprised if they announce a PC version next year to be honest)
I wait for this ramaster for years, please bring it to Xbox one, please!!!!!!!!
Hopefully it comes out on Disk for those of us that don't have internet!
great news, love this game and it's looking FANTASTIC now we just need PS4 ports of the PC version of FFVIII and FFIX just like with FFVII
gaah I forgot I am Setsuna! Feels so weird that it's digital only but hey, better than nothing :)
So you are telling me it's time to stop taking pictures of me trying to shove my PS2 disc inside a PS4 looking all sad? ;) WoFF DQB FFXII:ZA All these 3 before E3...I'm already in heaven my friends, already in heaven :D Anyway, get the store up. I need to order my Sexy Balthier so I have him and My Sexy Fran being all kick [bw]ass[/bw]....also any chance of a normal statue or only figmas this time around in Europe as well? :) PS Don't Sleep on DQB, been playing it on Vita and I must say the game is wonderful. Only in the last world there where a few problems, mostly due to my poor Japanese but when you play it remember world 4, dig to the south east of the quest marker :D
I've been hoping for a FFXII remaster ever since the X/X-2 remasters were announced, so I'm pretty excited about this news. Waiting for 2017 will be a pain. I hope the improved sound includes the voice-acting. In the original game the voice-acting often suffered from compression issues (?) making it sound weird. I hope this is being fixed for the remaster.