FINAL FANTASY XIV Online & Monster Hunter: World Collaboration

By Square Enix Team

A Palico and a mighty wyvern have stepped into the world of FINAL FANTASY XIV to introduce exciting new challenges!

Test your courage and determination against the mighty Rathalos in The Great Hunt, an eight-player trial that incorporates gameplay inspired by Monster Hunter: World. Those seeking a greater challenge can attempt The Great Hunt (Extreme), which is limited to four-players and features additional hurdles to overcome.

The collaboration treats our Warriors of Light to a fun twist, as they will need to think like Hunters when doing battle against the king of the skies. Typically, enemies will often telegraph their attacks, giving players a chance to avoid the worst of the damage. However, in this trial, Rathalos’ attack notices differ from the regular FFXIV visual attack clues, so keep your eyes open and be ready to move without hesitation! Should you emerge victorious, you may not find a coffer full of rewards waiting, but instead you and your team will need to carve scales from the beast to earn some sweet, sweet loot!

Check out the FINAL FANTASY XIV x MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD Collaboration Trailer by clicking the image above!

Those who are able to best the ferocious beast can obtain a variety of Monster Hunter: World-themed rewards:

  • Rathalos Armor Set: An armor set inspired by the Rathalos.
  • New Minions: Poogie and Palico
  • New Mount: Ride the Rathalos, the King of the Skies, throughout Hydaelyn
  • New Furnishings: Indoor/Outdoor BBQ Spits
  • Monster Hunter: World Version Orchestrion Roll (music for your jukebox in-game!)

So how do you take part in this exciting collaboration? You need to be level 70 and have completed the “Stormblood” main scenario quest. Don’t worry if you’re not quite there yet, because this event is not going anywhere anytime soon!

The excitement isn’t exclusive to FFXIV either! In Monster Hunter: World, our own Behemoth has stormed into the New World and is offering an MMO-style challenge for hunters to face. Intrepid hunters will encounter cactuars, earn drachen armor to look like a dragoon, and will be able to transform their Palico companion into a moogle using new gear! That’s just the tip of the iceberg, so be sure to check out their special collaboration site.

Check out the Monster Hunter: World x Final Fantasy XIV Collaboration trailer by clicking the image above!

Are you ready to test your strength and fortitude against the Rathalos and Behemoth?

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