FINAL FANTASY XIV Online World Tour: Shadowbringers

Our look back at the regions of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online continues! This time, we're heading to the First - the setting of Shadowbringers.
By Duncan Heaney

After two expansions that enriched the land of Hydaelyn, FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers took us beyond it.

It took us into the First - a reflection of Hydaelyn under threat of destruction by light. To save this land - and their own - our heroes were forced to take on new roles as the Warriors of Darkness.

The Norvrandt region offered up sights quite unlike anything before in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - a land of colour and imagination that couldn’t help but leave an impression on players.

With FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker just over the horizon, it seems like the perfect time to celebrate some of these majestic areas, and the adventures within.

The Crystarium

Screenshot of the Crystarium

Adventurers from Hydaelyn who enter The First inevitably find their way to The Crystarium.

Built around the beautiful Crystal Tower, this large city has become a safe haven for people of all races, bonding them together in the fight for survival against the sin eaters.

Despite their dire situation, the residents of The Crystarium have built a bustling metropolis. Whether you visit the Crystal Exarch in the Ocular, or do some shopping at Musica Universalis, there are plenty of secrets - and quests - for a hero to discover.


Artwork of Lakeland

The vibrant Lakeland was once ruled by the elves, and remnants of their past can be found across the area. But the first thing many of us noticed upon arriving here is the sheer scale of The Source - the vast lake that feeds the region.

Screenshot of Lakeland

As you explore, you’ll find there are many more unforgettable places to discover on dry land too, from lively settlements like Fort Jobb and The Ostall Imperative, to the grandeur of Laxan Loft castle.

Il Mheg

Screenshot of Il Mheg

Nestled in the mountains of Norvrandt, this stunning area is home to the faeries. While visiting, be sure to check in on the pixies of Lydha Lran to pick up a few jobs, visit the ruins of Wolekdorf and - if you’re really brave - check out Lyhe Ghiah, the home of the King of the faeries, Titania…

Rak'tika Greatwood

Artwork of the Rak'tika Greatwood

Do you know LAHEE?

This grand forest is home to the Night’s Blessed, and one of the most earwormy music tracks in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online.

Screenshot of the Rak'tika Greatwood

Visitors should check in at Slitherbough before setting off to explore notable landmarks like Fort Gohn and the Fruit of the Protector - or take on the many dangers of the Qitana Ravel.

Amh Araeng

Amh Araeng artwork

A vast desert in the south of Norvrandt, Amh Araeng is a land that teeters on the brink of ruin. Already inhospitable by nature of its climate, the Flood of Light consumed large swathes of the region before it was halted.

Screenshot of Amh Araeng

Despite its troubled history and stark scenery, its resilient residents battle on, trading goods in Mord Souq or mining for valuable resources near Twine.


Eulmore artwork

The great city of Eulmore once used its military might to stand against the sin eaters. By the time you visit, things have changed for the worse. The upper classes have turned their backs on the world, preferring to indulge in decadence and debauchery as the end approaches.

It’s a real upstairs / downstairs situation here in the city - the wealthy citizens live up top on the Canopy and spend their time living it up at Grand Dame’s Parlor or the Beehive, while the poorer folk scrabble for scraps in the Derelicts.


Kholusia artwork

The relative safety of Kholusia has attracted refugees from all over Norvrandt, who typically settle in the ramshackle Gatetown.

Kholusia screenshot

Step out of the shanty town and you’ll find that Kholusia’s an island of many levels… and threats. Whether you’re fending off the hobgoblin hordes on Cracked Shell Beach, making the treacherous climb up Mt. Gulg, or NieRly solving the mysteries of the machine lifeforms at the Copied Factory, there’s plenty of adventure to be found.

The Tempest

The Tempest screenshot

This vast sea was once famed for its stormy waters, but the Flood of Light has left it sitting quiet and calm. Still, shipwrecks still litter the seabed as a reminder of its violent past.

Land-dwellers can explore the area beneath the waves thanks to a massive air dome. The seafloor is full of memorable places to visit, from cave systems to the ruined buildings of a long-lost civilisation.

Your journey will inevitably take you in another place hidden deep in The Tempest. One you’ll have trouble forgetting…

Shadowbringers was one of the most acclaimed expansions for FINAL FANTASY XIV Online yet, and that was partly thanks to its numerous wonderful new regions.

The next expansion, FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker is set to take us back to Hydaelyn… both below and above. We’ll head underground and marvel at the artificial skies of Labyrinthos, and then jet off for shenanigans on the moon!

The expansion launches November 23, 2021, and is available to preorder now:

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