FINAL FANTASY XIV Online World Tour: Stormblood

Our trip round the world of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online continues! This month, we’re looking back at the war-torn regions of Stormblood… and taking in a few Forays into other areas too.
By Duncan Heaney

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker is fast approaching, and we’re excited to show you how the world of Hydaelyn expands in the new expansion. Remember - we’re going to the moon!

Before that though, we’ve been taking a look back at the journey that got us to this point, and the memorable places we’ve traversed as the Warriors of Light. Previously, we’ve looked at the regions of A Realm Reborn and Heavensward. Today, let’s take a trek through the lands of Stormblood… and maybe take in a few Adventuring and Gathering Forays in the process.

Gyr Abania

Artwork of Gyr Abania

Adventurers who step into Gyr Abania will find a land forged by danger and conquest. One a powerful region of Eorzea in its own right, its strength and influences has been reduced following the conquest of Ala Mhigo by the Garlean Empire.

Ala Mhigo

An illustration of the city state of Ala Mhigo at sundown

The ornate architecture of this vast city-state is matched only in impact by the conflict it inspires. A key prize for the Garleans, many battles have been fought for control of the city... if only some brave heroes would aid in its defense. Hint hint.

The Fringes

This is the first area of Gyr Abania that many adventurers will experience - and it leaves an impression. Located on the other side of the imposing Baelsar's Wall, its diverse landscape is littered with memorable areas, from the beauty of Pike’s Falls to the Ananta tribe’s home of Djanan Qhat.

Rhalgr's Reach

Screenshot of Rhalgr's Reach showing a large statue of a bearded man embedded in a wall

The Garlean Empire’s occupation of Ala Mhigo did not go unopposed - the Ala Mhigan Resistance rose up to defy the invaders. But a resistance needs a base, and Rhalgr’s Reach provides the perfect location. It probably helps that it’s particularly pretty.

The Peaks

The Ziggurat from FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood

This mountainous area contains some of the most visually striking structures in Gyr Abania. Those of you travelling through the region must swing past the giant ark Nyunkrepf's Hope, and pay a visit to the Ziggurat, an ancient relic that still stands as a symbol of co-operation.

The Lochs

Wide screenshot of the Lochs area from FINAL FANTASY XIV

Anyone who misses the chance to visit The Lochs would feel pretty salty. Mind you, they’ll probably feel that way if they go too - the region likely takes its name from the vast salt lake Loch Seld. It’s an area full of dark secrets, and remnants of the mad king Theodoric’s rule still lurk in the waters.

Ruby Sea

Illustration of an underwater city from FINAL FANTASY XIV Online

The Ruby Sea separates Othard and Hingashi and offers much to see, both above and below the waves. Don’t worry about drowning or even getting a bit damp - special domes create areas in which land-dwellers are able to explore and even settle in. But even among the beauty of the sea floor, there is darkness to be vanquished…

Screenshot of the Ruby Sea area from FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood


Illustration depicting the city of Kugane in FINAL FANTASY XIV

Located in the far eastern archipelago of Hingashi, this port town is a hub of travel and trade in Hydaelyn. Travelers from all corners come here in search of profit, the healing properties of the Bokaisen Hot Springs… and maybe a few sips of sake too.

Of course, look beyond the silk-laden streets of the Rakuza District and bustling Ruby Bazaar and you’ll find intrigue and espionage a-plenty. In other words, plenty for a seasoned hero to get stuck into.

Screenshot of Kugane from FINAL FANTASY XIV


Screenshot showing Yanxia region

It’s bad times for Yanxia at the start of Stormblood. The region has been conquered by the Garlean Empire, with the city of Doma and Doma Castle now occupied by imperials. The people here are battered by hard labor and harder taxes, and many think resistance is futile after previous uprisings were harshly put down.

But the fire of rebellion hasn’t gone out - it just needs to be stoked. Who could do that, we wonder…?

The Azim Steppe

The Dawn Throne structure in the centre of the Azim Steppe

This sprawling grassland is home to countless tribes of nomadic Xaela, who constantly jockey for land and power. There’s plenty to see and do here, with multiple settlements, cave systems and more. Its most attention-grabbing feature is the Dawn Throne and its magnificent palace - something that’s definitely not to be missed.

Adventuring and Gathering Forays

Artwork showing the loading screen for the Eureka Foray

For adventurers who want to really go off the beaten path, Adventuring and Gathering Forays are the way to go. Hop in an airship, and you’ll uncover a host of new locations to… well, explore. They’re not always the safest places, but there are often amazing rewards for those brave enough to step into them

The Forbidden Land, Eureka

This mysterious island, once thought to be destroyed, is thick with aether and visitors must learn to attune to the elements to survive. The areas of the Forbidden Land are filled with notorious monsters... and happy bunnies.

The Diadem

These floating islands have gone through many changes since adventurers first started to visit. It’s particularly loved by gatherers and played a key role in the restoration of Ishgard.

The Bozjan Southern Front

The Bozjan Resistance is locked in conflict with the Imperial Legion in this dark, dangerous battlefield. Bringing in some experienced warriors could be exactly what they need to turn the tide.


The battle to reclaim the Hrothgar’s home continues in Zadnor. The skies may be lighter, but the danger is no less real in this rocky region.

Thus ends our whistle-stop tour of Stormblood and beyond. For many of you, it may have inspired a wave of fondness and nostalgia, for the areas and the adventures you had within them.

New players, on the other hand, still have the joy of discovering these places for the first time ahead of them. We’re almost jealous.

Don’t worry though - there’s plenty of new stuff coming to FINAL FANTASY XIV Online in the upcoming Endwalker expansion, which launches November 23, 2021.

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