FINAL FANTASY XV 2nd Anniversary


Hey everyone!
Today marks the second anniversary of FINAL FANTASY XV!
We’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate its legacy and to share previously unreleased pieces of concept art, courtesy of the artists who created on them.

The May 2016 issue of Game Informer featured Yuuki Matsuzawa’s art as the cover. This image was actually one of many pieces that were under consideration. Here are several others that were also in the running.

Artist: Yuuki Matsuzawa

Question: Can you tell us why Noctis and Regis are going separate ways?

Yuuki Matsuzawa: Noctis ascends the stairs, towards the throne, while Regis decends. This is to depict the generational change. Both understand and realize their destiny so there is no need to exchange any words. Just a slight touch of hands. Regis has a gloomy and concerned expression as he envisions his own son’s upcoming dark destiny. On the other hand, Noctis looks down with a concerned look for his now small and aged father.

Artist: Yuuki Matsuzawa

Question: Why is Noctis looking away from Regis in this picture?

Yuuki Matsuzawa: This is actually my first rough art. As the king, Regis is distressed because he needs to act as a king first and foremost as he walks by his own son silently. At the same time, Noctis feels discontent because he quietly watches his father and king walk by. Noctis salutes but looks away with mixed feelings as Regis acts more as a king than a father. My goal was to depict the complicated relationship and feelings between father and son.

Artist: Yuusaku Nakaaki

Question: Is Regis supposed to be passing away in Noctis’s arms?

Yuusaku Nakaaki: As we all know, there is never a scene where Regis dies in Noctis's arms. However, I drew this imagining what Regis would have wanted for his last moments. The reason why I drew this scene was to show two themes: The "passing down of the throne" and "the growth in relationship between the two" in a single image. If I was able to accomplish that, I thought it would definitely qualify for a cover

Thank you so much Yuuki Matsuzawa and Yuusaku Nakaaki for providing us insight to all these art pieces! But most importantly we would like to thank you all, our fans for all the passion and continued support for FINAL FANTASY XV.

Thank you,