You must do these sidequests in FINAL FANTASY XVI

From blacksmith bothers to chocobo champions, we highlight some of the sidequests in FINAL FANTASY XVI you don’t want to miss!
By Duncan Heaney

FINAL FANTASY XVI is full of things to do beyond the main story. The game features many sidequests, which add context and color to the game’s richly detailed world - and offer up some valuable rewards in the process!

Today, we’re highlighting some of our favorite quests in the game. Some give you valuable upgrades, some include awesome battles, while others contain story beats that showcase the various shades of living in Valisthea - but all of them are absolutely worth doing.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers.

The Path to Echoes of the Fallen

We’ll start by highlighting the four sidequests that you’ll need to have completed to access the newly released Echoes of the Fallen DLC (In addition, you’ll have to have reached the ‘Back to Origin main quest).

Phoenix, Heal Thyself

When Joshua reunites with Clive, it’s clear that he’s not in perfect condition - drawing on the power of an Eikon does take its toll, after all.

Concerned for his brother’s wellbeing, Clive dives into the heart of danger to get him ingredients for the medicine that soothes his pain. This is a quest that proves that the bond between the Rosfield brothers holds as firm as ever and that each will do anything to protect the other.

Where there’s a Will

We don’t get to spend long with Elwin Rosfield, the Archduke of Roseria, as the tragedy at Phoenix Gate sends him to his rest. This late game quest gives us insight into the man he was, and the future he was fighting for.

Clive and Joshua discover something akin to their father’s will and head out to learn more. It’s a moving tale that delves deep into the history of our heroes, the land that they came from, and how despite Elwin’s abrupt end, his hope for a brighter future remains through the sons he loved.

Cut from the Cloth

Back in the Hideaway, Hortense has a problem - she’s ordered textiles for clothing the rescued Branded, but the delivery hasn’t arrived. Ever the helpful soul, Clive offers to go and collect the missing cloth.

What seems like a simple task soon escalates into a battle for survival against some surprisingly brutal bandits, and a choice that will affect a conversation with Jill, and the item you’ll get, later in the game.


This romantic quest appears near the end of the game, and it’s utterly heart-warming. Clive wants to surprise Jill with Snow Daisies - a rare flower of great emotional value to her. Along with Joshua, he heads to Southern Rosaria to find some, and take down any threats in the area.

But what makes this quest great isn’t the action - it’s that it concludes with a quiet and tender moment between Clive and Jill that speaks to the love that they have for one another. These two heroes have both been through the wringer, and this quest shows just how they prop each other up.

It’s adorable.

Wonderful worldbuilding and excellent adventures

FINAL FANTASY XVI is full of fascinating sidequests that add detail and texture to the world of Valisthea, while still acting as satisfying mini-adventures for Clive. These are just some of our favorites:


The Holy Empire of Sanbreque has little love for Branded - although they’re not afraid to make use of them. To the Imperials, these unfortunate souls are walking, talking tools, to be used and then discarded.

That is made painfully clear in this early sidequest, in which Clive helps a little girl locate her playmate, Chloe. Asking around, people describe her as a ‘filthy creature,’ but it turns out that Chloe is no beast. She’s a Branded, passed on due to being forced by the child to overuse her magic.

Even worse, the child implies this isn’t the first time it’s happened - and doesn’t even seem to understand why this is wrong. It’s up to Clive to set her right.

All Bark

The plight of the Branded in Sanbreque is driven home by another quest in Oriflamme, during which Clive is sent off to save a child from wolves. Upon finding the child and killing the ‘wild’ beasts, he is shocked to discover that the hounds belonged to the boy - and he’s none too happy about them being put down out.

As it turns out, this was no rescue mission - sending unsuspecting Branded to be savaged by dogs is how the family get their kicks. There are more surprises to be discovered as the quest runs to its conclusion, but it reveals the depths of inhumanity people show towards those different to them.

More than Words

Lady Charon approaches Clive with a concern - Torgal seems restless and unhappy. Clive heads out with his faithful friend to find out what’s wrong.

What follows is a deeper look into the relationship between hero and hound, as the pair explore their history and how the loyalty between true friends runs deeper than blood.

Plus, you get to spend more time with Torgal, which is reason enough to recommend it. He really is a good boy.

Trading Places (series)

This short series of quests focuses on the Crimson Caravans - a highly esteemed porterage firm in Boklad. Its owner Eloise helped her brother flee his family home when he awakened as a Bearer, and now they work to build a new life where his kind aren’t forced into slavery.

Clive gets embroiled in the world of commerce when he helps Eloise in a deal to help restock and rebuild the abandoned town of Kasjlok - a place that could potentially become a safe haven for displaced Bearers.

But things are never that simple, and between brutal bandits and the involvement of rival traders in the Silverpeak Consortium, Clive and his newfound friends have their work cut out for them.

It’s a sidequest that has lots of twists and turns as it he

Under New Management (series)

As the state of the world worsens, the political situation in Northreach becomes increasingly unstable. The self-interested schemes of the Duke of Oriflamme threaten the stability of the town, as the populace find themselves split over whether to side with him or stand with Isabelle, the beloved proprietress of the Veil.

Unless Clive can find a solution, it seems conflict is inevitable…

For Great Justice (series)

When you first meet Quinten, the landlord of Lostwing’s tavern, he comes across as somewhat inscrutable. Still, he’s a steadfast ally to Cid whose support is both valuable and appreciated.

The For Great Justice series of quests shine a light on his past, and it’s a complex web of betrayal and revenge. Quinten is revealed to be a man driven by darker desires than altruism and it not only threatens him, but all of Lostwing.

It’s a character-driven questline that balances action and story expertly and leads to a very satisfying conclusion.


When Otto’s loyal lackey Gaute notices some outstanding debts still unpaid to Cid’s allies, Clive leaves to pay them what they’re owed.

As he visits each one, he learns more about Cid, Otto and how much of an impact their cause has had on the realms of Valisthea.

While it’s not the most action-packed of adventures, it offers something just as exciting - window into two of the most important characters in the game.

Rich tales with rich rewards

Some sidequests in FINAL FANTASY XVI that some terribly tantalizing rewards, from new equipment to permanent upgrades for Clive. Quests like these, for example:

Blacksmith’s Blues (series)

Blackthorne, the hideaway’s resident blacksmith, is much more sensitive than his surly demeanor would suggest. Fortunately, August is able to recognize when his friend is troubled and repeatedly enlists Clive to help get him to open up.

This series starts with Clive heading off to find other examples of masterworks, so Blackthorne can improve his craft. Before long though, the secrets of his past are revealed, and the artisan is forced to confront his past.

These quests offer great rewards, including recipes for some of the best gear in the game. That’s not the only reason they’re worth doing though - they provide a fascinating and satisfying character study for Blackthorne that’s even more satisfying.

After these quests, you can’t help but love him.

Weird Science & Even Weirder Science

Owain, one of Mid’s assistants, needs Clive’s help to bring some of his inventions to life. Help that regularly involves taking on dangerous beasts or delving into dangerous Fallen ruins in search of materials.

Fortunately, both of these activities are great fun, providing some satisfying battles that will test your skills. The rewards are more than worth it too - complete these quests and Clive can carry more potions!

The Root of the Problem & Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol?

The hideaway’s botanist, Nigel, enlists Clive to help him cultivate medicinal plants, and alleviate the community’s shortage of healing items. Of course, Clive helps, and is richly rewarded with potions that are much more potent than they were before.

The second quest for Nigel, Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol, is particularly gratifying as it pits Clive against a more dangerous variant of the tentacled terror. It’s a fantastic fight as you take on this iconic FINAL FANTASY foe once more, using all the abilities at your disposal to stay away from its gaping maw and horrifying halitosis.

As before, success earns an upgrade that makes potions more potent, but honestly, the awesomeness of this battle is reward enough!

The White-Winged Wonder

What would FINAL FANTASY be without chocobos? Everyone’s favorite feathered friends take center stage in this quest, in which Clive is asked to protect Whitehart and his flock from bandits.

It’s a bite-sized adventure that leads to a surprising reunion - and gives Clive a chocobo to ride throughout the rest of the game!

You’d be kweh-zy not to do it!

Those are just some of the sidequests available in FINAL FANTASY XVI - there’s many more exciting moments to discover for yourselves.

And, of course, there’s brand new content in the form of Echoes of the Fallen - a new mission that takes Clive, Jill, Joshua and Torgal up the dangerous Sagespire, and into conflict with the powerful Omega.

Then, in 2024, The Rising Tide offers a massive story expansion that features a brand new Eikon - Leviathan.

To learn more about both of these, check out this interview with the development team:

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