FOAMSTARS: A letter from the Producer

Kosuke Okatani, Producer of FOAMSTARS, shares an update on the game.
By Kosuke Okatani

Hello, Kosuke Okatani here, Producer of FOAMSTARS.

First, let me thank you for playing the game!

On behalf of the FOAMSTARS team, I’d like to apologize for the matchmaking errors many of you may have experienced during your gameplay. We are working to address this and other high-priority issues.

The next patch, v3.20, is scheduled to release on May 2, but we wanted to share some of the upcoming fixes in advance:

Patch v3.20 Changes / Fixes

1) Penalties for intentional disconnects / AFK

Players will be penalized for intentionally disconnecting during battles and via the Character Select screen, or for being idle for a long period of time during a battle (going AFK).

Penalized players will be unable to join a match for a set amount of time.

The Live Ops Team carefully reviews game logs before issuing a penalty. This process is designed to ensure each issue is judged fairly and that only intentional disconnects are escalated for penalties.

2) Radiant Rhythms Gardens: Spawn Camping

On this map, the opposing team can move close to your respawn area, so we have adjusted the respawn location to make sure players rejoin the battle at a random spot away from the enemy. We will continue to investigate this fix for other maps, if necessary.

3) Chloe Noir Bug Fixes

The next patch will address the following issues that occur under specific circumstances:

  • SSS gauge filling faster than intended.
  • Not being able to perform a normal shot after activating her SSS.
  • Not being able to fly as high as intended when activating her SSS.

We are also looking into other issues and fixes for Chloe Noir.

4) Squad Mission: Application Error

The next patch will fix a memory leak issue on PlayStation®4 that causes the application to crash.

We look forward to seeing these and more adjustments made as you continue to play FOAMSTARS! We thank you for your support.

As a token of appreciation, we wanted to also share a sneak peek at Season 4 which arrives in mid-May! First, here is a look at a new map coming in Season 4:

As well as one of the new hololive collaboration skins!

We’ve got even more coming to Season 4, so stay tuned!

And one more thing: The team loves receiving your encouraging messages, fan creations, and support! Let’s keep this party going and we look forward to sharing more soon.


Kosuke Okatani and the FOAMSTARS team