Messages from the FOAMSTARS team

Producer Kosuke Okatani and Director Chikara Saito have some messages for players of the OPEN BETA PARTY!
By Kosuke Okatani and Chikara Saito

A message from Producer Kosuke Okatani

Hello, FOAMSTARS Producer Kosuke Okatani here.

Thank you for participating in the FOAMSTARS OPEN BETA PARTY!

I’m extremely happy to see the feedback from everyone on social media, and myself along with the entire development team are really encouraged by the positive comments and support!

We appreciate the opinions shared and will continue to refine and improve the gameplay experience.

The content shown in the FOAMSTARS OPEN BETA PARTY is only a portion of what’s to come, as we will have more in the full game with updates after release.

In Soa's words, "The real fun is yet to come!"

We will be releasing more information ahead of release early next year, so I hope everyone is excited to see what the FOAMSTARS team has planned.

Once again, thank you so much for playing our game.

We look forward to your continued support of FOAMSTARS!

FOAMSTARS Producer Kosuke Okatani

A message from FOAMSTARS Director Chikara Saito (Rickey)

Hello, this is the Director of FOAMSTARS, Chikara Saito (Rickey).

Thank you to everyone for participating in the FOAMSTARS OPEN BETA PARTY!

The entire development team is ecstatic to see people having fun with the game.

Regarding the matchmaking problem that caused inconvenience during the open beta, please rest assured that we are already working on improvements.

We are also working on improving the gyro aiming, which was a common comment, as well as other various aspects.

The whole team is working hard to deliver a more foam-tastic version of FOAMSTARS that is easier to play, so please look forward to it!

FOAMSTARS Director Chikara Saito (Rickey)

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