FOAMSTARS will launch February 6, 2024, as part of the PlayStation Plus Monthly Games line-up!

The foam party is about to begin. Here’s everything you need to know about this vibrant new online shooter.
By Duncan Heaney

Ever since we announced FOAMSTARS last year, many of you have been curious to find out when and how you can join the party yourselves. We’re delighted to both say it and spray it: FOAMSTARS launches February 6, 2024! Yes, it’s just a few weeks away!

What’s more, the full game will be available as part of the PlayStation Plus Monthly Games line-up for February. That means that between February 6 and March 4, all PlayStation Plus members will be able to redeem, download and play FOAMSTARS at no extra cost.

And like all titles in the Monthly Games line-up, once you’ve redeemed the game, you can play as much as you like, so long as you have an active PS Plus subscription!

So, what can you expect from this fun and foam-filled extravaganza?


Just in case any of you are just joining the party now, allow us to introduce the game. FOAMSTARS is a brand new 4v4 online party shooter for PS5 and PS4. You choose one of a large roster of colorful characters and can take them into the action across multiple game modes and arenas.

But unlike other multiplayer shooters, you aren’t spraying bullets - you’re spraying foam! You can use your bubbly ballistics to build new terrain, surf round at superfast speeds, create vantage points and much more! And of course, you can foam up your rivals to claim victory too!

So, what is FOAMSTARS? It’s colorful, it’s joyful and it’s a wonderfully fun multiplayer game. If you’re a PS Plus Subscriber, you should grab it at no extra cost to yourself in February, give it a go and experience it for yourselves!

What modes are available to play?

At launch, FOAMSTARS will offer multiple modes, including multiplayer options as well as some single player content too. Here’s what you can expect:

Smash the Star (4v4)

You’ll recognize this mode if you played the Open Beta Party last year. It’s a 4v4 contest, where the goal is to foam up your opponents and take them out.

Once seven players from a team have been defeated, the highest performing player on that team will be designated the ‘Star Player’ and awarded some handy buffs. The goal of the opposing team then becomes to take out that Star Player and win the game.

So, try to take down enough of your opposition to create their Star Player and foam them up to claim victory. Of course, they’ll be trying to do the same to you, so protect your team at all costs…

Happy Bath Survival (4v4)

This mode splits the team with half inside the arena and half outside it for each round. Players on the outside of the arena can assist their teammates by laying down defensive foam and other techniques, while the inside players fight up close to take the victory!

Teamwork really does make the dream work in this mode!

Rubber Duck Party (4v4)

It’s a case of duck and cover in this frantically exciting mode. The goal is to climb aboard the rubber duck to make it advance towards your opponent’s goal. If it crosses the line, victory is yours! You can even dance on its head to make it sprint towards success.

Of course, your rivals will be doing everything in their power to take control of the duck away from you… and you’ll be doing the same to them. It’ll take teamwork and skill to triumph amongst the mallard mayhem.

FOAMSTAR Mission (Solo)

New to bustling Bath Vegas? Want to get to know the characters and experiment with their abilities? This single player mode lets you do just that.

Each FOAMSTAR has their own story, so you’ll get to know this cast of quirky characters and put them through their paces before you head into the heart of the multiplayer action!

Squad Mission (4-player co-op)

Up to three friends can team up to take on team missions together. Clear waves of foes to earn upgrades with different effects for your FOAMSTARS.

Are you good enough to complete the missions?


As well as through matches, you can also unlock rewards in FOAMSTARS by completing Challenges!

There are three types: Anytime, Limited-Time and Weekly, each with their own rewards to claim. Some you’ll naturally complete through play, while others you’ll have to work a little harder to overcome.

Some rewards will only be unlocked through challenges, such as the mysterious character The Baristador, so be sure to give them a go!


The launch is just the start for FOAMSTARS. Over the first year, there will be free seasonal updates, which will include new characters, maps, modes and more.

As you play, you’ll earn XP from matches or missions and raise your tier. As your tier increases, additional rewards will unlock!

You’ll also be able to purchase a Premium Season Pass, which includes exclusive rewards and unlocks some earlier. For example, in the first season, the character Mel T will be unlocked immediately with the Premium Pass.

There are a lot of surprises in store over the first year of FOAMSTARS - the party doesn’t stop!

FOAMSTARS launches February 6, 2024. To stay up to date with news and information about the game, be sure to follow us on social media: