FORSPOKEN PS5 demo is available to play NOW!

Play as Frey and experience her magical moves in a brand new free demo! Here’s everything you need to know about it - including some tips to get you started!
By Duncan Heaney
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Over the last few weeks, we’ve revealed a lot about FORSPOKEN. We dove deep into the free-flowing magical parkour, explained how Frey’s spectacular spells make combat a fast-paced, tactical treat and even dug into the world of Athia itself.

But the time has come for us to stop the show and tell and let you experience it all for yourselves. A new PS5 demo is available to download TODAY (possibly even right now depending on when you read this)!

FORSPOKEN screenshot

This specially-crafted crafted demo gives you the opportunity to really dig into the game’s fluid traversal and take on some truly monstrous enemies in combat. Don’t worry about spoilers - there’s no story in this taster. It’s more about giving you a chance to engage with the super-satisfying gameplay!

It drops you in Avoalet’s Water Garden - a beautiful area of Athia with plenty of space to run around and practice your parkour abilities… and a lot of snarling, corrupted beasts to engage in battle. You’ll be given five main objectives to complete, but there’s plenty of scope to just explore and dig into the entertainingly deep mechanics too.

The demo is free and you can download it from the PlayStation Store today.

Now here come the inevitable disclaimers:

  • This is specially crafted demo, and some aspects may differ from the final game
  • Your progress will not carry over into the main game
  • An internet connection is required to download the demo and a PSN account is required to play it
FORSPOKEN screenshot

Tips and tricks for the FORSPOKEN demo

We’re sure many of you are eager to get going with the demo, so to help you get started, here are five basic tips to bear in mind:

Match the Settings to your Playstyle

The demo has several difficulty and performance settings that adjust aspects like display, controls and gameplay, so that you can tailor your journey to your playstyle.

For example, switch to Performance Mode for smoother gameplay, and adjust the difficulty from Easy to give yourself more of a challenge.

FORSPOKEN screenshot

Chain parkour moves together

Holding the circle button activates ‘Flow’ - the foundation of your parkour. This lets you automatically hop over small obstacles and move around the world quickly. However, it also uses stamina and if you rely on this ability alone, Frey will get winded quite quickly.

Be sure to work in other parkour moves, such as Rush (press a button when Flames emanate from Frey), as they’ll refill her stamina. Remember - the better you chain together moves, the longer you’ll be able to go.

Also, it’s really fun.

Grapple to Reach New Heights

Frey’s Zip ability allows her to use magic to grab areas and pull herself toward them. The terrain of Athia also has many rocks that Frey can use to propel herself to new heights, so try using Zip on them to see what happens. They’re a great way to reach some of Athia’s hidden areas.

FORSPOKEN screenshot

Use parkour in combat

Your parkour magic and combat magic work hand-in-hand so don’t just stand around like a statue in combat. Use your agility to dance around the battlefield, find better angles on your opponent and avoid their attacks.

What’s more, some spells change based on Frey’s movement - for example, jumping while using ‘Blast Slice’ will cause Frey to slam down with an awesome area of effect attack.

FORSPOKEN screenshot

Swap magic quickly

Holding L1+R1 will let you switch between different magic sets, giving Frey access to a wide variety of spells. However, you can also cycle between them with left or right on the D-Pad or swiping on the touchpad - helpful if you want to switch quickly while in the heart of the action.

FORSPOKEN screenshot

Swap magic to suit the scenario

Each of the combat spells in FORSPOKEN works differently and will help you out in different scenarios. Frey has all the tools she needs to control the battlefield - so if things start to feel chaotic, look at your tools, revise your strategy and put yourself back in charge.

For example, her purple magic is great at attacking enemies from a distance, but if a foe gets up in your face, it’s going to feel ineffective. In that case, switch to red magic, and use flaming swords and punches to teach them to respect your personal space!

FORSPOKEN screenshot

Auto switch Support Spells

Frey’s has a vast arsenal of Support Spells to aid her in combat, but these require a cooldown. You can split these to autoswitch in the Gameplay Balance menu, meaning you’ll always have a spell ready to go when taking down Breakbeasts.

If you prefer greater control of your spell selection, you can bring up the Support Spell wheel with L1 and select manually.

Use Cuff to scan enemies and the world!

Press up on the D-Pad to use Cuff’s scanning ability. This is massively useful because not only will he highlight nearly materials to collect, he’ll also alert you to nearby enemies and highlight their strengths and weaknesses.

Reduce the Chatter

Prefer to adventure alone? You can reduce the in-game conversation between Frey and Cuff to Default, Minimal or Low - limiting it to only dialogue that’s required to advance the story.

As well as the demo, we also released a brand new trailer for the game at The Game Awards. Take a look:

This new footage gives you a deeper look at the devastating effects of the Break - the mysterious phenomenon that corrupted the people and wildlife of Athia and forced the surviving humans to cower behind the walls of the city of Cipal.

It also features a closer look at the Tantas. These once benevolent matriarchs used to rule with dignity, justice and virtue, but The Break has turned them into maddened sorceresses. They’re a threat that Frey will have to take care of if she is to return home.

We hope you enjoy playing FORSPOKEN. It’s only a mere taster for what’s in store from the full version of the game. They’ll be even more to see on December 9, including an extended gameplay showcase on the PlayStation YouTube channel:

FORSPOKEN releases January 24, 2023, for PS5 and PC via Steam, and is available to preorder now:

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