New Forspoken update available now: here’s what’s included

Improved optimization, refined visuals, reworked targeting and more are coming to the game in the new update. Get all the details here.
By Takeshi Aramaki
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Hi everyone, this is Takeshi Aramaki, the Director of Forspoken.

We’ve been hard at work improving the gameplay experience in Forspoken, and I’m happy to announce that version 1.10 is available now! It’s a major update, so I’d like to give you a look at some of the changes that are included.

There are a lot of small but meaningful Quality of Life updates, which we’ve added to the Accessibility section of the Settings menu.

First up is “Remember Last-Viewed Menu Section”.

When this setting is set to ON, the game will behave the way it currently does, where the main menu will open to whatever you last had opened. If you turn this option OFF, the main menu will always default to the Map, which should come in handy for all you explorers out there

Next up is “Focus on Target”.

When this setting is set to ON, the game will behave the way it currently does, where pressing R3 while charging a spell (when you are not locked-on to an enemy) will point the camera at the enemy being targeted. If you turn this option OFF, pressing R3 while charging a spell will lock on to an enemy, allowing you more precise control over who or what will be at the receiving end of Frey’s devastating attacks.

Another new setting that can aid you in combat is “Lock On to Nearby Enemies”.

Currently, if you defeat the enemy you’re locked-on to, the lock-on will disengage, allowing you to plan your next move. If you turn this setting ON, the lock-on target will automatically switch to a nearby enemy, so you can fire away without a moment’s loss.

This pairs really well with another new setting, “Off-Screen Enemy Lock-On,” as it won’t matter where the enemies are.

The next one is a setting that many have been calling for. It’s called “Immunity to Own Magic,” and as the name suggests, it prevents Frey from getting staggered by the effects of her spells.

We’ve all been there - in battle against a horde of enemies, getting into a nice rhythm parkouring around, unleashing spells left and right, only to lose that momentum by an ill-timed Burst Shot at point-blank range. That will no longer be the case.

Of course, if you prefer the current, realistic approach, you can leave this OFF.

Version 1.10 also includes various graphical improvements. First, upon starting the game you will be prompted to adjust Brightness and Contrast (and HDR UI elements if HDR is enabled). Everyone’s hardware and setup is different, so this allows you to tailor the image to what looks best for you.

We’ve also made some changes to lighting and ambient occlusion, which you can see in these screenshots.

Above: Forspoken v1.04

Above: Forspoken v1.10

Above: Forspoken v1.04

Above: Forspoken v1.10

Above: Forspoken v1.04

Above: Forspoken v1.10

Optimization is another key area of focus for this update. While actual performance will vary depending on your PC hardware, if you’re running the Recommended specs or higher, you should be able to see as much as a 30% boost in performance. PS5 users fear not, as these under-the-hood tweaks provide the same performance increases for you as well.

First, here's the previous v1.02:

...and here's the new update, v1.10:

There are a lot of other minor adjustments, which are listed in the patch notes:

There are more updates in the pipeline, so we hope to share more information with you soon. In the meantime, we thank you for your continued support and hope you enjoy Forspoken!

Forspoken is available now for PS5 and PC:

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