A look at Winter in HARVESTELLA

Feel the chill as we show you what to expect from the Winter season in this exciting new life simulation RPG!
By Duncan Heaney

There’s less than a month until HARVESTELLA is out!

For those only just arriving at the party, this upcoming life simulation RPG lets you enjoy daily life, socializing and action-packed adventures in a beautiful world, where the seasons are governed by giant crystals known as the Seaslight.

However, the crystals have started to behave weirdly, and between each season, they release a deadly dust that kills crops and harms humans. This has become known as Quietus, the season of death.

We’ve already given you a few glimpses of the game, including what to expect from the areas governed by the Spring, Summer and Fall Seaslight. By our calculations, that means there’s one season left - and it’s pretty cool.

Let’s talk Winter!

Winter location: Holy Capital Argene

Holy Capital Argene in Harvestella

Welcome to the Holy Capital Argene!

Holy Capital Argene in Harvestella
Holy Capital Argene in Harvestella

It’s a religious city covered in snow and the home base of The Seaslight Order.

The Divine Cave in Harvestella

Priests of the Order come to worship at the Divine Cave near Argene, where is where the Winter Seaslight is located.

Harvestella screenshot

You and Aria visit the Holy City Argene to investigate the Winter Seaslight but are told that only those who have been given the the flower "Flos-Indulgentia" are allowed entry into the Divine Cave.

Harvestella screenshot

A priest of the Order says that since the Seaslight anomaly, he has been receiving divine revelations. The prophecy of a disaster in the near future has led many of the faithful to seek the Flos-Indulgentia, rumored to mark those who wear them as pure...

Harvestella screenshot

Argene has an underground passage, which even the Order don’t seem to know about…

New character: Brakka

Brakka character art

Brakka is a mercenary, dressed in black. He fights with a mysterious weapon that sends bullets flying.

Harvestella screenshot

He’ll take on any request as long as he’s paid, though his price is rumored to be high...

Daily Life: Faerie Orders

Next, let’s take a look at an activity you can undertake in your daily life: Faerie Orders.

Harvestella screenshot

One day, a fire faerie appears at your home. It seems to have something to do with the Seaslight, and claims that other types of faerie exist too.

Harvestella screenshot

It says that it will help you work the fields and gives you access to Faerie Orders.

Harvestella screenshot

You can check Faerie Orders from the Faerie Book in your home.

Harvestella screenshot

By reporting any orders that have been completed, you’ll earn rewards!

Harvestella screenshot

For example, by completing Faerie Orders, you’ll gain the ability to plow large areas of fields at once, or water, sow, and harvest crops altogether! It makes farming faster and easier!

Harvestella screenshot

You can also level up your fields to increase the probability of harvesting high quality crops. These can be shipped at a higher price or used to make high quality food.

Harvestella screenshot

In a previous article (read it here), we explained how you can also grow crops in water and cave biomes. These can be unlocked by helping faeries linked to different Seaslight.

Harvestella screenshot

Daily Life: Winter Produce

As with the other seasons, some produce can only be harvested during Winter. Here are some of the crops you can grow during the snowy season:


Snowcap Mikan

Argene Cabbage

Chilly Plant

Daily Life: Winter Cuisine

Now here’s the bit you’ve probably been waiting for. More beautifully detailed shots of delicious-looking grub. Don’t look at these with an empty stomach…


Marmalade (processed product)

Argene Cabbage Stew

Ice Cream

Adventure: new jobs revealed

You can take on different roles in battle by equipping jobs. The weapons and skills you can use are determined by the job you have equipped.

When you recruit a new character to fight alongside you, you also gain access to their job. Let’s take a look at two as-yet unrevealed ones:


Harvestella screenshot

This job excels at delivering physical attacks from a distance. The attribute of normal attacks can be switched between fire and ice when the necessary skill has been unlocked.


Harvestella screenshot

This is a job that performs physical and magical attacks with a magic sword. You can learn skills that deal wide-ranged attacks or set up fields that cause continuous damage.

Adventure: Break time

Harvestella screenshot

Food does more than just give you energy. Eating a meal during an adventure with your party members will sometimes result in a special storyline, as well as better food effects than usual.

Harvestella screenshot
Harvestella screenshot

Depending on the food you eat, you may see an unexpected side to the other characters.

Adventure: FEAR

Harvestella screenshot

In some dungeons, you may encounter powerful enemies called "FEAR". These are clearly different to the ordinary monsters roaming around.

Harvestella screenshot

You won't be able to defeat these formidable opponents if your party is weak, but if you take them down, you may obtain powerful accessories.

Harvestella screenshot

You may encounter paths that seemingly require you to defeat a FEAR to proceed. However, these can be avoided by taking advantage of the environment and unique elements of each dungeon.

Harvestella screenshot

Use skills and field effects to your advantage to move forward.

We hope you enjoyed this chilly look at what’s ahead in HARVESTELLA. You can experience it yourselves this actual winter when the game launches November 4, 2022.

Remember though - you don’t have to wait around to play the game. A free demo is available now on Nintendo Switch! It lets you play from the start of the story until 15 in-game days pass, or up to when you complete Chapter 2.

Save files carry over to the full game - so everything you grow, and everyone you meet will be waiting for you when you play HARVESTELLA later this year!

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