Life is Strange coming to Mobile

By Square Enix Team

In very exciting news, you will no longer need to leave the Life is Strange universe behind when you leave the house. Life is Strange is coming to mobile! The first season will be available on Apple iOS starting December 14th with exclusive new features, available now for pre-order. If you’re on Android, you can look forward to the mobile game’s release in early 2018.

We’ve adapted the first game for mobile platforms and hope that the award winning, five-episode narrative-driven Life is strange will set new standards for the adventure genre on mobile platforms. You will also be able to experience the game with Unreal Engine 4 enhancements and iOS optimization, making it even better than you remember. On top of this, there will be new features such as an in-app photo mode, making the game even more interactive than before, and exclusive iMessage stickers to enhance your texts with friends instead of using Emojis. So whether you’ve never played a Life is Strange game or are a devout fan, there is something for you here.

Episodes one to three will be available straight away to binge on and episodes four to five can be expected Q1 2018. This is an awesome opportunity to relive the feeling of the first game in a new and intimate way. The app makes it easier to enjoy Life is Strange with your friends and share your choices with them, as well as having access to the universe whenever and wherever you want.

Tl;dr? Here are the features exclusive to the mobile version of Life is Strange.

  • Exclusive Life is Strange iMessage Stickers.
  • An all-new Photo Mode that allows you to take pictures, modify them with filters and share them easily.
  • Enhanced user interface for full-touch screen integration.
  • Share and compare your story choices with friends via social media.

We can’t wait to see what you have to say about the new adaptation!

The Life is Strange team

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How do I get past switching saved games from my first complete without loosing my progress??? Every time I go to another saved game setting on my iPhone, I cannot get past the High School chapter in Chrysalis?!? It keeps telling me "Max, you need to be outside, go outside Max." Yet I cannot interact with anything in the classroom. And when I do have a game that lets me interact, when I get to the hallway and leave the game after that check point, I have to start over in the Nightmare at the lighthouse....
@HCEALP42 - second that, I want to know too
How do I get help with accessing other saved games? When I switch from my completed game one to a game 2 or 3 My WHOLE system gets messed up. I really don't know why I cannot pass the "High School" after the Nightmare in Episode 1: Chrysalis.
I love this game. I can’t wait for episodes 4&5 to be released on iPad.
Good day to all at Square Enix , before I start I NEVER write at all ,this is a first .. I have to say am 52 years young and i have fell in love with one of your games ,Life is Strange is possibly the most beautiful,captivating,immersive games I’ve played ,thank you to all the team and keep up the brilliant work at Square Enix , big love from an English guy but living in Gran Canaria Spain
Terminei e to desolada
I got game and it amazing but I am sad because I played all the levels now have to wait till the 4th on comes out.
Please do this for android users
I think I gotta change a better phone
The iOS version is outstanding on the 12” iPad Pro, very immersive. I don’t know how it would be on a iPhone though, the image details might be a bit difficult to see. Great navigation on the touch screen. Thanks for providing the greatest game ever on this format. Any word on Before the Storm coming on iOS?
Are you doing this for Android too?
add support for mfi gamepads please
I’ve been waiting forever it seems! I’ll be up all night!