A letter from Deck Nine about Life is Strange: True Colors

The developers of the new game have a message for fans. Read it here.
By Deck Nine Games

Dear Life is Strange: True Colors players,

Thank you for taking the time to play and review our beloved Life is Strange: True Colors. This game was born out of a question that fascinated us during the development of Before the Storm - how can video games act as tools for exploring empathy?

Today, this question grips us and beguiles us as much as ever. After 17 months, and counting, of global trauma, isolation, and loneliness, we are deeply humbled to be offering up a story about connection and hope against all odds. Much as Alex’s power allows her to feel the emotional truths of others, we hope players will feel the love we poured into the game as an expression of the immense gratitude that we share for each other and our Life is Strange community.

Life is Strange: True Colors - Alex Chen

For both Alex and the player, the journey through Haven will reward what you put into it. We encourage you to explore every shop and alleyway of Main Street, delve into the lives of each character you meet, and unearth all the memories buried just beneath the surface. Alex’s path is winding and sometimes painful, made all the more so by her power. But she will come to discover that her empathy, like a supernatural prism, has refracted the light of all the lives she’s touched into the colorful tapestry of her own life.

In the end, that tapestry will reflect each player’s journey through the game, a culminating statement on who their particular Alex is - and, perhaps, a deeper knowledge of who they are as well. We hope you enjoy exploring this question as much as we did


Deck Nine Games