Character Tips for Marvel’s Avengers

Crystal Dynamics Combat Designer Scott Walters shares some of his personal tips to help your Avengers live up to the title of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.
By Scott Walters

Hello - my name is Scott Walters, and I work as a Combat Designer for Marvel’s Avengers.

I, and the rest of the team, have been thrilled to see so many players in the game and doing deep dives into its combat system.

As many of you know, the game is about how to ‘Embrace your powers’ and we worked extremely hard to ensure that there were plenty of powers to embrace.

Every hero has a multifaceted set of moves and abilities, so I thought it would be useful if I shared some of my own personal tips about how to level up your combat mastery. After all, as Kamala says to Thor, “Every hero has to start somewhere.”

This week, we’ll look at Kamala Khan, Hulk and Thor.

Kamala Khan

Kamala Khan is a very flexible character - and I mean that literally! Her stretchy limbs mean that she’s great at crowd control, plus she’s fast and agile enough to keep enemies off-balance. Not only is she an effective fighter, she’s also got excellent support abilities - from the start, she’s able to heal the team and even her offensive Heroic moves have support benefits when upgraded.

Useful Moves

  • Using the Hammer Fist, Fists of Justice, and Iron Spike attacks in sequence will often bounce enemies up into the air, where Kamala uses the weight of her embiggened fist to propel her to the target - almost like Thor using Mjolnir.

  • Leg Sweep trips enemies around Kamala after an Evade, popping them into the air where they can be juggled.

  • Rubber Band Bash - also performed immediately after an Evade - quickly rams into the enemy. It’s useful for closing the distance to a target and opens them up to combos.

Oh, by the way, here’s a fun fact about Leg Sweep and Rubber Band Bash - both attacks were inspired directly from the Ms. Marvel comics, and can be viewed as nods to some of her favorite attacks from Black Widow and the Hulk!

Kamala Khan Heroic Tips

  • Healing Spirit restores your team’s willpower in a flash. If you’re struggling with a difficult battle, this can keep everyone in the fight long enough to turn it around. A good upgrade is Life Spark - this lets you revive yourself if you go down - excellent if your team is distracted by enemies or trying to complete objectives.

  • High Five is a particularly satisfying move that gives your enemies a big hand - useful for both taking out a clustered group, or doing a damaging strike to a single target. As with all of Kamala’s heroics, you can also add support features when you unlock upgrades – making the move spawn 1 of 3 different power-ups based on your selection.

  • Embiggen turns Kamala into a super-sized wrecking ball, and is a great way to clear out lots of enemies very quickly. It’s even better if you upgrade it. Doctor’s Orders grants a chance for defeated enemies to spawn a Regen Pack, while Fists of Glory makes them drop Heroic Orbs - both are exceptionally useful for the team, so be sure to choose whichever option fits your playstyle.

Basic Combos

  • Jump > Heavy > Light > Light > Light - this is useful against standard enemies. You can pull them into the air and juggle them for extra damage. If you pair it with certain skills and gear perks, this combo can tear through weaker foes.

  • Start with a Leg Sweep (Evade > Light), then Light > Heavy > Light > Light - a powerful combo that’s always effective against standard enemies like Beekeepers and Synthoids, or makes for a useful follow up when you parry or break an enemy’s shield.

  • This combo starts with Hip Check (parry an attack), then Hold Heavy for Double Barrel Punch, and finish with another Heavy for Catapult Kick. This works wonders against the Monotronic Exo or other tough foes, leaving them temporarily staggered and vulnerable for additional attacks.


Hulk is a powerhouse, and the perfect hero for those of you who just want to bash everything to bits. His combat style is pretty straightforward and easy to pick up, but players who want to truly master the character will need to pay attention to which enemies they're grabbing and swinging around. You should also try to maximize the amount of Rage Hulk has. This is one case where you definitely will like him when he’s angry.

Useful moves

  • Battering Ram makes for an excellent combo starter. As Hulk, you want to be running into the heart of battle, and this upgrade staggers foes from the outset.

  • Monstrous Swipe lifts those puny AIM bots up to the perfect punching height for Hulk.

  • Cannonball will break through enemy shields and send foes tumbling along the ground - Hulk has no need for guns or repulsors! You can combine it with your melee attacks to increase the damage and impact to enemies as well! And if you get Meteor, you’ll be able to rip up a larger object and flatten multiple enemies at once.

  • Earthsmasher lets you launch a powerful attack from the air. This is great for disrupting a group of enemies and breaking through their defences.

  • Tectonic Fury delivers a flurry of powerful radial attacks, culminating in a powerful final blow. It’s great for keeping a group of enemies off balance and gives you a lot of smashing in a short time-frame.

Hulk Heroic tips

  • Boneshaker is perfect for drawing enemy attention - the closer a foe is, the easier it becomes to smash them. To make the most of this move, you should unlock some upgrades ASAP - you can get some amazing bonuses from defeating enemies you’ve taunted.

  • Stranglehold uses the unstoppable force of the Hulk to smash through his foes. If you perform this on larger enemies, you’ll instantly trigger a Takedown on them, allowing you to get in a massive amount of damage. Plus it looks cool.

  • Thunderclap does a lot of damage, and can take out a whole troop of AIM soldiers quickly. But it’s also a great way to create some space if you and your team are getting overwhelmed.

Basic Combos

  • Heavy > Light > Light > Light > Light - this is perfect for juggling basic enemies or parried enemies. While foes are in the air, they’ll take more damage and can’t fight back.

  • Jump and hold Heavy (for Earthsmasher), then immediately follow up with Heavy > Heavy > Heavy > Heavy > Heavy (Tectonic Fury). This combo lets you Jump into a group of enemies and deal large amounts of AOE damage.


Armed with Mjolnir and the Odinforce, Thor is a force to be reckoned with in Marvel’s Avengers. The ability to enhance his moves with lightning is as effective as it is flashy, and being able to fly makes him great at taking down drones. With the right setup, Thor can absolutely devastate even the strongest of AIM’s forces.

Useful moves

  • Hammer Spin, Whirling Uru, and Mjolnir Cyclone are excellent for getting through an enemy's guard and dealing massive stun damage.

  • Thunderstruck, Bring The Thunder, and Crack the Sky let you imbue your strongest melee attacks with the power of Odinforce, making them much more effective.

  • Falling Star lets Thor hurtle through the air to smash into whatever he's looking at. Just be sure to aim it beforehand to get the best results.

Thor Heroic tips

  • Warrior's Fury is the ultimate application of Odinforce. Not only does it spread lightning across the battlefield, it grants all heroes within range a period of invulnerability. Use it when you’re near the rest of your team and it can turn the tide of even the toughest battle.

  • God Blast hits everything in its path with massive amounts of Shock damage - perfect for delivering a big hit to a difficult enemy. But that’s not all it can do - did you know, it can also be used to help a particular ally who could benefit from a quick charge…?

  • Use the Bifrost to target a landing zone and deal massive damage to anything in it. Not only does it get you up close to enemies in an instant, it also gives you some breathing room to ponder your next move. So don’t be afraid to use it if you’re in trouble.

Basic Combos

  • Jump > Light > Heavy > Light > Light > Heavy - this is an excellent way to pull enemies into the air and juggle them before batting them away.

  • First throw Mjolnir at the enemy, then Light > Light > Light > Light - this is a fast combo that pins enemies and turns them into Thor's personal punching bag.

  • Use Heavy > Light > Light > Heavy for Sigurd Strike. This versatile four-hit combo leaps towards enemies and uses the final hit to bash them away.

Hopefully that helps you get started exploring these very different heroes in Marvel’s Avengers. We worked extremely hard to make sure that every individual character had deep, satisfying mechanics that also felt true to their comic book origins.

I’ll go into tips for Black Widow, Iron Man and Captain America next, so check back soon.

See you online!

Scott Walters, Combat Designer for Marvel’s Avengers, Crystal Dynamics