Marvels Avengers Pro Tips: Kamala Khan

Get tips and tricks for Ms Marvel straight from the source. Combat Designer Scott Walters takes you through some techniques and combos that will embiggen your skills!
By Scott Walters

Hello Heroes! This is Scott Walters, Combat Designer at Crystal Dynamics, here once again to share some more inside tips on Marvel’s Avengers.

Today, we’re going to take a seriously up-close look at Kamala Khan. As the newest member of the Avengers, Kamala lacks the experience and training of her more experienced teammates, but she more than makes up for it with raw talent and an extremely flexible moveset.

In this guide, I’ll go over some general notes about how best to utilise those skills, and reveal some basic, intermediate, and advanced combos that will help you take Kamala to the next level.

Melee Skills

  • Kamala’s light combo sweeps the area around her. This is perfect for hitting multiple enemies and is a useful crowd control tool.

  • Her heavy combo is designed to deliver powerful attacks that open up unique opportunities. For example, if you start a combo with a heavy attack or two, you can then switch to light attacks to juggle standard enemies like the Beekeepers or Synthoids.

  • Using a heavy attack in the air heavy sweeps your foe into the air too - perfect for pulling them up for a juggle.

  • Chaining light attacks into the heavy combo with the Spinning Heel Strike skill (Light > Light > Light > Light > Light > Heavy) is an excellent way to deal large amounts of damage. You can also change targets for the final attack to break through enemy shields and stagger stronger enemies - leaving them vulnerable to your next combo.

  • Using the Hammer Fist, Fists of Justice, and Iron Spike attacks in sequence will often bounce enemies up into the air, where Kamala uses the weight of her embiggened fist to propel her to the target - a bit like Thor using Mjolnir.

  • Kamala has two Evade Skills, and both are extremely useful. The Leg Sweep (Evade > Light Attack) trips enemies around her, and pops them into the air for a juggle. Rubber Band Bash (Evade > Heavy) quickly rams into the enemy - useful for closing distances to the target and opening them up to more combos

Ranged skills

  • Kamala's Whip Fist is a great way to reach enemies beyond melee range, like drones and flying enemies. Although still limited in range, this attack packs a punch.

  • Hitting different parts of your foes with the Whip Fist will have different effects. For example, aiming at their feet can trip enemies that aren’t blocking. It’s also a great way to get around the shields of the Riotbots.

Intrinsic Ability - Polymorph

  • Kamala is a very evasive character and using Polymorph means she’ll bend out of the way of attacks automatically.

  • Polymorph isn't just for defense - all of her attacks deal increased damage while she’s using the skill. Use this to really lay into an enemy once you’ve started a combo.

  • Using the Polymorph ability just as an attack comes in will trigger Hip Check. This parries the and reduces their impact resistance for a short duration, making it easier to interrupt and combo them. You can even do this to strong like the Prime Synthoids, Monotronic Exos, and Adaptoids.

  • The Whirlwind (Hold Light while using Polymorph) and Seismic Slam (Hold Heavy while using Polymorph) attacks use a lot of intrinsic energy to perform, but it’s worth it because they’re extremely powerful against stronger enemies or those with shields. Unlocking these skills also grants access to them while Embiggened, increasing their area of effect, damage, and impact.

Kamala Khan’s Heroics

  • The Life Spark upgrade for Kamala's Healing Spirit support Heroic means that even if you go down, you can revive yourself and get back in the fight. This is excellent if your team is distracted by tough foes, or have their hands full to capture the objective.

  • All of Kamala’s Heroics have strong support elements - even the offensive ones. High Five, for example, can be customized to spawn 1 of 3 different power-ups based on your selection - Heroic orbs, Regen Packs or Intrinsic Orbs.

  • Embiggen lets Kamala grow to incredible size and deal massive amounts of damage with her extra-large fists.

  • Like High Five, you can also add a support element to Embiggen. You can do this through two specializations: Doctor Orders and Fists of Glory, which add a chance to spawn a Regen Pack or Heroic Orb respectively.

Basic Combos

Next we’ll look at some of the many combos Kamala has at her disposal. These basic combos are simple to pull off, and very effective against AIM’s forces.

  • Jump > Heavy > Light > Light > Light - pulls foes into the air and juggles them for extra damage. Very useful against standard enemies, particularly when paired with air juggling skills and gear perks.

  • Evade + Light (Leg Sweep) > Light > Heavy > Light > Light - useful against standard enemies like Beekeepers and Synthoids, or tougher foes that you've already parried or broken their shields.

  • Trigger Intrinsic Energy just before attack (Hip Check) > Hold Heavy (Double-Barrel Punch) > Heavy (Catapult Kick) - good against the Monotronic Exo or other tough foes as it leaves them temporarily staggered and vulnerable to additional attacks.

Intermediate Combos

When you’re used to Kamala and her skillset, try these combos out:

  • Hold Light (Whirling Wallop) > Heavy > Light > Hold Light (Down Double Kick) > land then Evade + Light (Leg Sweep), Heavy > Heavy > Heavy - this combo will break enemies’ guard, air juggle them for a bit, then continue juggling them after you land.

  • Sprint + Heavy (Sliding Kick) > Evade + Heavy (Rubber Band Bash) > Evade + Light (Leg Sweep) > Heavy > Heavy > Heavy Combo Finisher or Takedown - this combo strings together some hard hitting attacks that deal extra stun damage and is flexible with its finale. Use a Heavy Combo Finisher or perform a Takedown depending on what fits best for your setup. It's extra-useful when using gear perks that trigger off traversal attacks because it chains three of them together at the start!

Advanced Combos

These combos require some more practice to pull off, but they can be devastating when you use them.

  • Fire the Whip Fist at an enemy's feet to trip them or break their block > Evade + Heavy (Rubber Band Bash), Heavy > Heavy > Light > Light > Heavy (Spinning Heel Strike) - especially useful against Riotbots, as it will leave them stunned if not defeated. It’s perfect if you need a quick boost of health or if you’re using gear perks that trigger off of Takedowns.

  • Hold Evade to Vault > Evade + Light (Leg Sweep) > Light > Heavy > Light > Hold Light (Whirling Wallop) > then in the air Light > Light > Light - another useful combo for Riotbots or standard enemies that have more health in the higher difficulty modes. It's not effective against things like Adaptoids or Prime Synthoids as you can't vault them.

  • Sprint + Hold Light ( Spin Kick into Whirling Wallop) > Heavy > Light > Light > Hold Heavy (Hammer Fist) > Heavy > Heavy > Heavy > Heavy > Heavy (Fists of Justice) > Heavy (Iron Spike) - an excellent way to perform long combos in the air.

I hope those proved to be some useful tips for getting the most out of Kamala Khan. She’s a really capable character and it’s been exciting to see players learn how to get the most out of her.

Also, one of the things we’ve worked hard on is making sure that all of the character’s moves reflect their personality. Kamala, fangirl that she is, has taken inspiration for some of her moves from her fellow Avengers. Leg Sweep, for example, directly references Black Widow’s trip kick.

There are more to discover, so watch out for them as you play. I hope you have fun with Kamala and I’ll see you online!

Scott Walters, Combat Designer for Marvel’s Avengers, Crystal Dynamics