Marvel’s Avengers Pro Tips: Thor

The God of Thunder is mighty indeed… but could he be even mightier? These top tips from Crystal Dynamics’ Scott Walters will help you take Thor to the next level.
By Scott Walters

Hi all, this is Scott Walters, back once again to share some of my insider insight into the skills and combos of Marvel’s Avengers.

Today, I’m going to discuss one of the most powerful Avengers of all: Thor. Armed with his hammer Mjölnir and able to tap into the power of the Odinforce, he is mighty indeed.

Read on, fellow Midgardians, and I’ll highlight some important skills and techniques plus list some Asgard-worthy combos for you to try out for yourselves.

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Melee skills

  • Hammer Spin (hold Light attack) is an excellent way to get through an enemy’s guard and deal massive stun damage.

  • It becomes even more effective if you follow it up with Whirling Uru (hold Light after Hammer Spin) and Mjölnir Cyclone (hold Light after Whirling Uru). This barrage of hammer strikes does increased damage and more stun - perfect if you want to set up an enemy for a Takedown.

  • Enemies below you? Star Heart Slam (hold Light while in the air) lets you quickly slam down onto them, staggering all around your landing zone and leaving them set up for some follow-up hits.

  • Falling Star (hold Heavy in the air) is another mighty aerial move. It lets Thor hurtle through the air to smash into whatever he’s looking at. Don’t forget though, you have to manually aim it to get the best results.

  • Thor is the God of Thunder and you should use that power over lightning to your advantage in battle. Thunderstruck (Light > Light > Light > Heavy + Intrinsic Ability) is a great example of how you can do this - a multi-hit combo that finishes with a lightning blast that sends your foe flying.

  • Bring the Thunder (hold Heavy + Intrinsic) and Crack the Sky (hold Heavy + Intrinsic in the air) also let you imbue your strongest melee attacks with the power of the Odinforce, making them much more effective.

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Hammer Skills

  • Thor can throw Mjölnir at enemies to get through shields and pin foes. Not only does this make them vulnerable to melee attacks, it stops them from hitting back.

  • Don’t think that just because Thor’s thrown his hammer that he’s defenseless. Thor can follow up with some powerful attacks that leave enemies reeling. Headstrong (hold Light after throwing hammer) for example, lets Thor headbutt an enemy, breaking their block, stunning them and leaving them open for a beating.

  • Once thrown, Mjölnir can be recalled in some pretty dramatic - and effective - ways. For example, Uru Uppercut (Heavy after a throw) brings back the hammer and immediately follows up with an uppercut that gets enemies out of your face.

  • Crashing Thunder (Sprint + Heavy after throwing hammer) is a particularly good combo starter. Thor recalls Mjölnir and slams it into the ground, launching enemies into the air and ready for your next barrage of strikes.

  • Drop the Hammer (Heavy in the air after throwing the hammer) is another great move for setting enemies up for a combo. When you hit the ground. It pushes enemies back, breaks their block, and makes them stumble – and, while they’re on the ground, there’s not a lot they can do about the big block of Uru metal heading for their faces.

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Intrinsic Ability

  • With a press of the button, Thor can harness the power of the Odinforce - imbuing his hammer and body with powerful lighting. The God of Thunder skill lets you boost the damage of all attacks while the Odinforce is active - a core technique that Thor players should get comfortable.

  • Landing a light combat finisher with the Odinforce active is a great way to teach standard enemies like Synthoids and Riotbots what it’s like to fly.

  • Activating Odinforce just before an enemy hits will parry their attack. This is essential to performing powerful combos on powerful enemies like the Adaptoids or Prime Synthoids. The Impact Reduction debuff the parry applies to them will ensure that all of Thor's hits will land with staggering force - allowing you to juggle the enemy and get the most damage possible.

  • Divine Chaos is an excellent ability for agile Thor players. If you can land several attacks in succession without getting hit, you’ll Overcharge the Odinforce. This lets you use the strongest version of all your attacks at no cost, so long as you stay on the offensive.

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Thor’s Heroic Skills

The Warrior's Fury Heroic is the ultimate application of the Odinforce. Not only does it automatically arc lightning at everything hostile in the vicinity, and increase the damage of your attacks, it also makes all team members in range invulnerable! Use it to turn the tides in battle and show your enemies what the God of Thunder can really do.

The God Blast Heroic channels lightning into a powerful attack that hits anything in its path with massive amounts of Shock damage. It can also be used to help Iron Man who could benefit from a quick charge…

  • God Blast can be customised further with unlocked specializations. For example, Son of the Elder Gods applies Cryo damage to any targets unfortunate enough to be caught in Thor’s whirlwind, while Overcharge Blast adds a hefty damage boost while you’re Overcharged.

  • The power of the Bifrost Heroic can deal massive damage to your enemies, using the properties of other realms to affect the battlefield.

  • The Bifrost can be customised to add additional effects. For example, Muspelheim’s Torment leaves a circle of burning embers in the impact zone, causing damage to any enemy within it, while Jotunheim’s Tempest creates an icy explosion that inflicts Cryo status on enemies to slow them down. Alternatively, for a more defensive playstyle, Alfheim’s Favor leaves a healing zone when you land.

  • Remember that once unlocked, your specializations can be changed at any time, so you can always change the effects of your Heroics to suit different situations.

  • When you summon the Bifrost, Thor will teleport away from the battlefield. This is great if you need a bit of breathing room or want some time to assess and plan your next move.

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Basic Combos

With trusty Mjölnir in hand, Thor can launch many devastating combos upon his enemies. Here are some of the simplest to pull off:

  • Heavy > Light > Light > Heavy (Sigurd Strike) - A four-hit combo that leaps towards enemies and uses the final hit to bash them away.

  • Jump > Light > Heavy > Light > Light > Heavy - This is an excellent way to pull enemies into the air and juggle them before batting them away.

  • Throw Mjölnir at the enemy > Light > Light > Light > Light - Use this fast combo to pin enemies and turn them into Thor’s personal punching bag.

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Intermediate Combos

The next few combos are slightly harder to pull off, but they can be truly effective at putting AIM in its place:

  • Hold Light (Hammer Spin) > Hold Light (Whirling Uru) > Hold Light (Mjölnir Cyclone) > Heavy > Heavy > Heavy / Takedown - Using this combo on a Riotbot will break their block and set them up for a Heavy Combo Finisher or even a Takedown.

  • Throw Mjölnir at the enemy > Sprint + Heavy (Crashing Thunder) > Heavy > Heavy > Hold Heavy (Storm Striker) > Light > Light > Light > Heavy (Sigurd Strike) - A great combo to get through a Prime Synthoid’s guard and combo off on them.

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Advanced Combos

Whosoever lands these combos, they shall be worthy to possess the power of Thor. I know I butchered the quote, but you get the point:

  • Hold Heavy (Storm Striker) > Heavy > Heavy > Dodge + Forward + Light for Slide Smash, Light, Light, Defend + Heavy for Thunderstruck - Perfect for breaking through shields and dealing massive damage to enemies. Perform after parrying an attack from tougher enemies to get the most benefit.

  • Throw Mjölnir downward at an enemy's feet to pin them to the ground > Heavy + Defend (Uru Uppercut) > Heavy > Heavy > Aim and Throw Mjölnir at the enemy when they hit the ground > keep aiming and hold Heavy (Falling Star) - Works best on Riotbots or Elite Standard Enemies that you can launch with the Odinforce-powered Uru Uppercut. This ensures that the heavy attack will pull Thor up into the air with them, setting him up for Falling Star.

Hopefully all of this information proves useful and takes your Thor-play to the next level. This Avenger is an incredibly versatile hero in the game - agile, highly mobile, and an amazing damage dealer too!

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