General tips for Marvel’s Avengers

Bring the party to AIM and become Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with these useful tips and tricks.
By Duncan Heaney

The Avengers have seen their fair share of impossible situations, but Marvel’s Avengers tests them like never before. Fortunately, they have a secret weapon in their fight against AIM: you.

That said, there’s a lot for you to do, from the exciting campaign to hours-worth of multiplayer activities. To help you get started, we’ve put together some general tips and tricks - follow this advice and you’ll be sticking it to synthoids and annihilating adaptoids in no time.

Complete Every Character’s HARM Room Tutorial

Each of the Avengers has a tutorial to complete in the HARM room, and it’s worth taking a few minutes to go through each one.

They’ll take you through the mechanics of how each hero plays, and how best to use their intrinsic energy and support abilities. These go deeper than the basic tutorials in the campaign, and are a great way to understand how to utilize each character more effectively.

For example, while the campaign introduces you to Thor and his Odinforce, the HARM room tutorial will take things further and actively show you how you can use it to both parry and strengthen your fellow Avengers.

The more you understand a character, the more you’ll get out of them, so we strongly recommend you do all the training.

Stun Enemies To Do Takedowns

When an enemy glows yellow, you can use a special takedown attack on them. This does massive damage, heals you and - perhaps most important of all - always looks awesome.

To get enemies into this state, you need to fill the stun gauge under their health bars. All attacks fill the stun bar, but heavy attacks fill it more quickly. Try to use combos and heavy finishers to increase your chance of getting a takedown opportunity.

Take Down Turrets ASAP

As a general rule, turrets are physically weak, and won’t do as much damage as those persistently aggressive Adaptoids, but they will whittle down your willpower and keep you off balance - so it’s important to take them out as soon as possible.

All characters are more than capable of giving turrets a taste of their own medicine with ranged attacks, but Iron Man and Thor really shine here. If you’re playing in a team, it’s a good tactic to get them up in the air to take care of wall-mounted threats, so the other heroes can focus on AIM’s ground troops.

Get Comfortable With The Parry

Every character has a way to parry enemy attacks - though in some cases, this ability must be bought with skill points. Try to get comfortable with this, as it can be a literal life-saver in battle.

The way you pull off a parry is the same for all characters - if an enemy attack has a blue or yellow circle, you can activate your intrinsic energy at the right time to repel that attack. However, every hero’s parry is different - for example, Black Widow will grapple in close, while Iron Man will push back everything around him with an energy field.

Typically though, the parry will let you get a few more hits in on a foe, and give you something even more valuable - breathing room.

Note Locations Of Healing Items

AIM is not messing around in Marvel’s Avengers - their troops come at you hard and in numbers… most can do serious damage to your hero. You’ll find your willpower drops very quickly if you’re not careful.

For that reason, it’s a good idea to make a mental note of any green healing cylinders in your immediate surroundings. If you feel in danger or overwhelmed, you’ll be able to make a quick break for those life-giving resources and heal up so you can get back in the fight.

This is a particularly useful strategy in single player missions, where you can only be downed three times per mission.

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Understand How Gear Affects Stats

As you run, fly and fight your way across Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll collect gear for each hero. Equipping this will strengthen your hero, making them more capable in battle and even imbuing their moves with additional effects.

There are seven attributes that gear can affect, and to understand what that means for your hero, you should know what they are and what they represent:

  • Might: the strength of your melee attacks
  • Precision: the strength of your ranged attacks
  • Proficiency: the likelihood of landing a critical hit
  • Valor: the damage / effectiveness of heroic abilities
  • Resolve: how much willpower (health) you have
  • Resilience: how much damage you take from attacks
  • Intensity: effectiveness and resistance to status effects

When equipping gear, consider how it’s affecting the above, and what that means for the character. For example, if you want to make your character a more effective melee fighter, it might be a good idea to prioritize gear that increases your Might.

This system adds an enormous amount of flexibility to how you build each character, and that only increases as you level them up and get access to better gear. So experiment!

Know When To Switch Gear… And When Not To

Some gear includes perks that make your character even stronger. For example, some may add elemental damage to an attack, others may give you things like damage buffs or health restoration.

Perks can have a big effect on your playstyle (see below), and good perks are worth protecting. You may find a piece of gear with a higher power rating, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better.

You should always weigh up the effect of switching out a piece of gear - do you gain more than you lose? For example, would switching deprive you of access to healing options or a fantastic elemental effect? If so, is it worth it?

You’ll have to use your judgement to decide based on the gear you have. Also remember that if you auto-equip gear, it will choose the items with the highest power rating - even if they’re not necessarily the ‘best’.

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Gear Perks Make A Big Difference

Another point about perk: they can make a big difference to your effectiveness in combat - provided you utilize them. Some require specific actions to activate, which will be detailed in the description on the gear screen.

For example, if you have a chance of a damage buff if you end a combo on a power attack, work that into your combat strategy. If you know your perks, and how to use them, even the formidable Dreadnaughts won’t be able to stop you.

Dismantle Or Store Gear Often

You’ll collect a lot of gear in Marvel’s Avengers, but each Hero can only carry so much at a time. There are few things more frustrating than being unable to equip a new piece of gear because you’re out of space.

Basically, a little inventory management goes a long way. Either store or dismantle your gear between missions to keep plenty of capacity available to collect more.

Check In With Faction Contacts Regularly

Getting to know faction coordinators Alisande Morales (SHIELD) on the Chimera and Sarah Garza (Inhumans) in the Ant Hill is well worth the effort.

For example, both will offer you daily and weekly mission assignments. As you complete these, you’ll gain XP, raise your faction level, and be well rewarded for your efforts with rare resources in addition to access to high-power gear from vendors.

Morales and Garza will almost certainly have something new for you to do each time you play, so make sure you visit them regularly.

Marvel’s Avengers is out now for PS4, Xbox One, Steam and Stadia.

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