How War for Wakanda transforms Marvel’s Avengers

The Black Panther, new enemies, more involved boss fights and a host of quality-of-life improvements - here’s how the new expansion changes the game!
By Duncan Heaney

The War for Wakanda has arrived for Marvel’s Avengers, and the game will never be the same again.

The new expansion is the biggest for the game yet. Not only does it add an amazing new hero to the roster in the Black Panther, it also features a brand new campaign, beautiful locations and interesting enemies that will change the way you play.

Let’s take a look at just some of these new additions - and what they mean for the game.

Marvel's Avengers: War for Wakanda

The Black Panther emerges from the shadows

The Avengers have a new ally - T’Challa, the Black Panther.

He’s a very different hero to the rest of the roster, encouraging a defensive playstyle that lets you use enemies’ attacks against them.

That’s all thanks to the Black Panther’s high-tech suit, which can store kinetic energy from enemy strikes. When the time is right, you can release this energy as a powerful shockwave, but that’s not all. Once released, the energy will amp up the Black Panther’s impressive abilities, from simple melee attacks to his more powerful Heroics.

Of course, T’Challa’s a man of many tricks, and his suit is merely one of them. He can also pounce on almost any enemy in the game, including the biggest ones out there, pulling them to the ground or slicing them apart with his vibranium claws.

He’s a truly awesome addition to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Marvel's Avengers War for Wakanda

There’s a new, heartfelt campaign

Black Panther headlines an entirely new campaign, which is by far the biggest (and most dramatic) of any expansion to date!

The story takes place in Wakanda - a nation in crisis. The villainous Ulysses Klaue has brought a veritable army of mercenaries into the country in order to claim its valuable vibranium deposits for himself.

But this assault is about so much more than profit - it’s also deeply personal. Klaue and T’Challa’s family histories are inextricably linked, and Klaue is out for to settle the score between them once and for all.

Of course, that synopsis barely scratches the surface of what’s in store. Prepare for a surprising ride that gets to the heart of what it means to be a hero, a king and a brother.

Environments are now made to be explored

War for Wakanda features entirely new environments to explore… and new is the key word. Every new region, from jungles to vibranium mines, has been built from scratch, using entirely new assets.

Actually, there’s another key word: explore. The new areas like the Wakandan Jungles have been specifically designed to encourage you to look around. There are hidden caves full of secrets, temples to uncover, new types of puzzles to solve and more.

Some of these areas are relatively easy to stumble on, but others will require you take advantage of the Avengers’ different traversal abilities to reach. This new approach to the game’s areas means you’ll have to engage with the regions you visit more directly than ever before.

Birnin Zana is a new outpost… and an architectural marvel

If you want fancy spending time somewhere a little more relaxed, then you should pay a visit to the new outpost: Birnin Zana.

The capital of Wakanda is home to some familiar faces for Black Panther fans, and some of the most stunning scenery in the game yet.

It’s a far cry from the dusty tunnels of the Ant Hill.

New enemies demand new tactics

By now, you’ve probably grown pretty adept at taking apart AIM’s various synthoids and adaptoids, and eager for a new challenge.

Enter the Klaue Company. The team wanted to make the foes in Wakanda feel different and special - they’re unlike anything you’ve faced in Marvel’s Avengers before. Running up and beating on them will only get you so far - you’ll have to find specific techniques and develop new tactics to take them down.

You’ll also have to contend with their sonic and vibranium gear, which have effects far beyond causing pain. Think about an enemy that explodes with power if you hit it too much, or another that can distort your vision in most unsettling way. There’s lots more too… but we’ll let you discover those unpleasant surprises for yourselves.

Then there are the crawlers. These multi-limbed monstrosities come in different shapes and sizes, but each is expertly-equipped to ruin your day. The smaller scout crawlers will skitter and swarm, while the larger bots have all kinds of nasty tricks up their metaphorical sleeves.

Of course, as dangerous as all of them are, some even deadlier foes are waiting in the wings…

New supervillains will make you think

Ulysses Klaue alone is already a match for T’Challa and the Avengers. Unfortunately for them, he’s brought some heavy-duty backup with him: Crossbones.

Real name Brock Rumlow, Crossbones is a tough-as-nails adversary who goes all-out when he’s in the heart of battle. He also requires a more tactical approach than some of the other villains the Avengers have faced - treat him as a simple damage sponge, and you’ll regret it.

The User Interface has been reassembled

This one is sure to please long-term players - the UI has been given a massive overhaul in order to make it much easier to use.

For example, you can now see everything you need to know about your character on a single screen, rather than having to flip between multiple tabs. That means you can choose your skills, set your gear and see your stats all in one place.

There are more subtle changes too - for example, each individual hero has a uniquely colored UI to create more visual clarity. You can even pin your stats when you compare gear now, making it a snap to see the pros and cons of changing your gear.

It might be a bit of a shock to the system for those used to the old way of doing things, but once you’ve experienced how simple it is to manage your characters now, there’s no going back.

Quality of life changes up the wazoo!

There are so many more quality of life improvements coming in War for Wakanda, however. Here’s a big one: you can now mass-dismantle gear! Previously, you had to reduce each item to its valuable components one at a time, but now a simple button press is all it takes to disassemble it all!

Incidentally, don’t worry about accidentally destroying something you want to keep - you can lock specific items so they’re not included when you mass-dismantle. It’s so convenient!

Speaking of valuable gear, here’s some more good news: you can now access your locker from anywhere in the gameworld. No longer will you be forced to schlep to an outpost for inventory management. As of the War for Wakanda, total control is at your fingertips. Or thumb tips if you’re using a controller.

What else? Gear slots have been increased from 9 to 11, you can now put 600 items in your locker, you can now collect all faction missions from a single terminal (seriously, it’s the best) and more. It all adds up to the slickest version of Marvel’s Avengers yet!

It’s free!

Best of all, all of the above is available to all players completely free! All you need is an internet connection to download the update, and the War for Wakanda can begin.

Good luck!

Marvel’s Avengers War for Wakanda is available now on all platforms. If you’re yet to try the game, it’s the perfect time - with nine playable heroes and dozens of hours of story-based content, there’s tons to dig into.

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