Here’s what we learned from the second Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE

What’s in the beta, new story information… oh, and Hawkeye too!
By Duncan Heaney

The second Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE stream dropped some massive reveals.

Not only did it provide a detailed look at what’s included in the beta (which starts this month for anyone who preorders the game) it also delivered the news that Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, is on the way!

Here are just a few of the biggest takeaways from the broadcast:

The BETA contains more than 20 missions

The Marvel’s Avengers BETA is more than just a mere taster for the game - it’s essentially a full course.

It contains more than 20 combined co-op and single player missions, starting with the Golden Gate Bridge sequence that leads into A-Day - and one of the worst moments of our Avengers’ lives.

In this thrilling 25 minute sequence, you’ll have a chance to test-drive each Avenger - you’ll soar the skies as Iron Man, leap across the bridge as Hulk, take on Taskmaster as Black Widow in a spectacular boss battle and more.

The BETA includes two story-focused Hero Missions

Once you’ve cleared the introduction, you’ll have access to the helicarrier and can use the WAR TABLE to choose different missions - just like in the full game.

If you’re looking for story content, you can take on a couple of single player Hero Missions that focus on the Hulk and Ms Marvel.

One sends the pair into the imposing forests of the Pacific Northwest on a mission to find the Olympia Archives - the last known location of JARVIS.

Another Hero Mission in the BETA, called Hidden Links, is set in the frozen Russian tundra. Hulk and Kamala head deep underground in search of SHIELD’s hidden secrets - and into serious danger.

The Hero Missions were chosen to showcase variety and scale of the game

The story-focused Hero Missions offer a range of different styles and scenarios for players, and the two included in the BETA were specifically selected to demonstrate that.

For example, there are wide spaces that give you an opportunity to explore and play with Hulk’s impressive traversal abilities. Using his powerful muscles, Hulk is able to leap around the forest at impressive speeds.

The other mission takes you into a detailed interior space filled with dangerous security - expect heavy resistance. Also, as Hulk you’ll find that your large size makes for some satisfyingly smashable scenery. You’ll definitely get a sense of just how destructive the character can be!

You’ll face off against Abomination

As part of these Hero Missions you’ll be able to take on a classic Marvel villain: Abomination.

Bear in mind that this is one of the few beings able to go toe to toe with Hulk in terms of pure strength, so expect a brutally destructive battle that tests everything you’ve learned over the preceding missions.

You can play as four different Heroes in multiplayer

As well as the story-progressing Hero Missions, there are numerous multiplayer missions that can be played online with up to three other players (for a team of four), solo with companion AI, or a mix of both.

In the BETA, you’ll have access to four Heroes:

  • Iron Man
  • Kamala Khan
  • Hulk
  • Black Widow

Just as in the full game, you can upgrade these characters with gear you earn from completing missions - the more you level up, the better gear - and associated perks - you’ll be able to use.

You can also add additional skills as you level up. The BETA contains one set of skills to choose from - and the full game will include even more.

You can take those Heroes into five War Zone Missions

There are a few different multiplayer mission types available in the BETA, including War Zones.

The previous Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE introduced this type of mission, but to recap a team of up to four Heroes are dropped into an area full of objectives to complete and enemies to battle.

The latest Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE broadcast gave fans an even closer look at some of the things you’ll be able to do on these missions. For example, War Zones contain points of interest (POIs) - optional areas that will ask you to fight enemies or solve puzzles in order to earn awesome rewards, including collectable comic books!

HARM rooms really put your skills to the test

If you really want to get to grips with a particular hero, you should try a Holographic Augmented Reality Machine (HARM) room.

These are virtual training simulators where you can take on waves of increasingly difficult enemies. You can play these completely solo with a single character, with a team of AI companions or with up to three other players.

You start in a training HARM room, which takes you through the basics of a hero, from their traversal options to their fighting style. Once you’ve completed that, you’ll have access to three additional HARM challenges to really test what you’ve learned.

Drop Zones are short, focused missions perfect for a quick session

The missions in Marvel’s Avengers can vary in length and complexity - they can run anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours. Drop Zones are specifically designed to be quick.

They drop a team of four players in a War Zone and give them a single objective to complete. It’s perfect if you don’t want to play for a long time, but still want to gain experience and earn new gear.

Companion AI uses your unlocked Heroes

If you want to take on a co-op mission in single player, you can choose to bring along AI teammates. What’s really cool is that the characters that accompany you will be your own unlocked Heroes.

That means they’ll use the skills that you’ve unlocked, with the gear and outfits that you’ve given them. In other words, if you bring along an AI-controlled Iron Man, for example, it will be your Iron Man.

You’ll be able to play with AI teammates in both the Marvel’s Avengers BETA and the full game. That’s good news, because having a well-thought out team can make a big difference in the tougher missions. A mix of melee and ranged attacks, for example, will open up your options dramatically in combat.

The Avengers Initiative will add to the game after launch

At launch, Marvel’s Avengers will feature six Heroes, and the Reassemble campaign - which follows Kamala Khan’s attempt to bring the Avengers back together.

But what about after launch? Once the Avengers have reformed, the Avengers Initiative begins, and the Heroes continue to protect the world from those that threaten it.

Marvel’s Avengers is designed to be a constantly evolving experience, so over time you can expect new Heroes, new missions, new outfits, new story and more.

Hawkeye is coming to Marvel’s Avengers - with his own story missions!

Every individual Avenger is a big deal, so the team at Crystal Dynamics have thought long and hard about who should join the party once the game is out. The first new addition is definitely a fan-favorite: Hawkeye!

The team has looked to some of the greatest Marvel comics for inspiration for the character, including the acclaimed Hawkeye series run by writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja: My Life as a Weapon.

Marvel fans will definitely see that inspiration in a new series of story missions that focus specifically on the character. Here’s another exciting tidbit - unlike Hero Missions in the main campaign, Hawkeye’s story content can be played in co-op with another player!

You can unlock items for the full game

The Marvel’s Avengers beta features a number of unlockable items that will carry over to the full game. For example, you can earn two nameplates - cosmetic pieces that you equip to display in your in-game profile. You’ll get one by participating in the beta, and the other by completing all three HARM Room challenges.

The Hulk Smashers Pickaxe is now available in Fortnite!

There’s another bonus available in the beta too! If you complete all three HARM Room challenges in the Marvel’s Avengers beta, you’ll earn the Hulk Smashers Pickaxe to unleash in Fornite.

Alternatively, if you prefer Iron Man’s red and gold to Hulk’s green, you can use the bonus Hulkbuster style instead - also unlocked by completing the HARM Room challenges.

Those were just a few of the fantastic features coming to Marvel’s Avengers. If you’ve preordered a copy of the game, you’ll be able to join the beta, which runs throughout August:

  • PS4: August 7-9
  • Steam and Xbox: August 14-16
  • All platforms: August 21-23

We’ll have even more to share about Marvel’s Avengers as we get closer to launch, so make sure you follow the team on social media to get the big news first: