Preview some upcoming Square Enix mobile games

There are a lot of great games on the way, designed specifically for mobile devices. From Just Cause: Mobile to a couple of brand new FINAL FANTASY VII games, we take a look at what’s on the way.
By Duncan Heaney

If you watched the recent SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS, you’ll know we have many exciting mobile games on the way in 2021 and beyond.

From a bold new take on Space Invaders, to exciting games within the FINAL FANTASY VII universe, we’re working on titles that will amaze, entertain and delight - no matter where you play them.

Let’s take a look:

Just Cause: Mobile

Just Cause Mobile trailer

Gaming’s most explosive action shooter is parachuting its way onto mobile with a brand new action shooter set in the Just Cause universe.

Titled (appropriately enough) Just Cause: Mobile, the game casts you as an operative of the Firebrand - a special division within the Agency tasked with taking down a new mercenary group called Darkwater. Working alone or with friends, you’ll investigate leads, take on missions and gain allies a bid to dismantle this looming threat.

Just Cause: Mobile features four action packed game modes that you can play on the go. Firstly, there’s an all new story starring your own customisable agent… as well as some familiar faces from previous Just Cause games (cough Rico Rodriguez cough).

If playing with friends is more your style, you can dive into co-op missions as a four player squad...

...or go head to head in Triple Threat multiplayer with up to 30 players!

Just Cause: Mobile comes to iOS and Android in 2021! For new and updates, be sure to follow the Just Cause: Mobile social channels:

Project Hitman Sniper Assassins (working title)

Hitman Sniper Assassins

You don’t need us to tell you how good Hitman Sniper is. If you do, then you must not have played it, and you should go and do something about that.

Our talented team at Square Enix Montréal recently announced the next game fom the makers of the acclaimed Hitman Sniper - currently in development under the working title Project Hitman Sniper Assassins.

So how do you improve on what was already considered the definitive mobile sniping experience? Well, the team has doubled down on what fans loved about the Hitman Sniper series, creating an experience that gives you even more freedom on how to approach contracts around the world.

The game features a wholly original story, with new playable characters and is set for release in 2021, on iOS and Android.

We’ll have more information in the coming months. But that’s fine, because the key to being a good Hitman Sniper is…


Space Invaders

Space Invaders trailer

The Space Invaders series has a legacy of innovation. The original game transformed the gaming industry forever, offering a brand new gaming experience that won legions of fans and influenced the games and developers who came after. It’s become iconic for a reason.

That spirit of innovation lives on in a new Space Invaders project, being developed by Square Enix Montreal in collaboration with TAITO. The new mobile game takes the series in a brand new direction, utilizing proprietary Augmented Reality (AR) technology and am awesome modern art style to present a game that’s like nothing else you’ve played before.

It’s an ambitious game from a talented team who have an unrequited love for all things Space Invaders, so keep it on your radar.

It’ll release for iOS and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play. We’ll have more to show you in the future, but for now you can visit the official website to get news and updates, and sign up for future playtests.


We recently unveiled two new mobile games set in the FINAL FANTASY VII universe.

The first to arrive is FINAL FANTASY VII: THE FIRST SOLDIER. Set in Midgar 30 years before the events of FINAL FANTASY VII, players will compete to see who’s the ultimate SOLDIER.


You’ll have to rely on both magic and abilities to triumph in a game that’s fast-paced, visually beautiful, and overflowing with that unique FINAL FANTASY VII style.

The game will be free to play with in-app purchases, and is expected to release in 2021 .



Due for release in 2022, FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS lets you experience the entire FINAL FANTASY VII timeline in a whole new way.

And when we say the entire timeline, we mean that literally. Structured into chapters, the game lets you play through the events of the original game, and the whole Compilation of FINAL FANTASY VII - from BEFORE CRISIS and CRISIS CORE through to DIRGE OF CERBERUS.

Not only that, the game also features new story elements from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE story and scenario writer, Kazushige Nojima!

We’ll have more to share about FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS and FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER in the future, so make sure to follow the team on social media for the latest updates: