NieR:Automata for the Xbox Has Arrived!

By Square Enix Team

In the first of many exciting E3 announcements, we’re excited to announce that the critically acclaimed NieR:Automata is finally coming to the Xbox Store as the NieR:Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition on June 26, 2018.

Players will be able to enjoy the notable action-packed battles, beautiful open-world, wonderfully crafted story, and elements of classic Square Enix action-RPG, and explore the iconic futuristic dystopian setting of NieR:Automata.

The NieR:Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition is available for pre-order now for $49.99 and will include the following DLC:

  • Base NieR:Automata game ($59.99 value)
  • The 3C3C1D119440927 expansion DLC ($13.99 value)
  • Grimoire Weiss Pod
  • Retro Red Pod Skin
  • Retro Grey Pod Skin
  • Cardboard Pod Skin
  • The Machine Lifeform Mask Accessory

NieR:Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition will be released digitally on June 26, 2018 for Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and Xbox One. This title is ESRB rated M and PEGI rated 18+, for more information on ratings visit ESRB and PEGI websites.

For more information or updates regarding NieR:Automata and NieR:Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition, please visit the official website and social media channels.

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