PSA: Octahedron Transfixed Edition out now, may make you late for work

Learn from my mistakes people!
By Duncan Heaney

True story: I downloaded the Nintendo Switch demo of Octahedron Transfixed Edition when it came out, so I could play it on the train.

I missed my stop. By three stations.

That’s the thing about Octahedron - once it gets its hooks in, they’re in real deep. The neon-tinged visuals, complex platforming and absolutely sublime soundtrack conspire to put you in a state of flow, where the rest of the world just melts away. And also make you late for work.

So consider that a public service announcement should you decide to buy Octahedron Transfixed Edition. Which you should, because it’s out today on Nintendo Switch.

What is Octahedron Transfixed Edition?

The aim of Octahedron is to ascend a series of levels, dodging obstacles, avoiding enemies and picking up as many collectables as possible. So far, so platformer, but Octahedron has one killer trick up its sleeve - the ability to create platforms out of thin air.

It’s a simple idea, but Demimonde - the one-person development studio behind the game - keeps finding fascinating new uses for it. Beyond helping you reach new areas, you can surf on your platforms, use it to block or defeat enemies and solve clever puzzles.

The Transfixed Edition also throws in some exciting new features, including new time trial medals, dozens of new challenges, and even new post-game unlockables.

The visuals deserve mention too - the neon-tinged world of Veetragoul is a kaleidoscope of color, that pulses and changes according to your actions.

And the soundtrack… hoo boy. I honestly can’t say enough about the music in Octahedron - it’s simply incredible. Comprising of synthwave, chiptune trance, progressive house and more, it has tracks from the likes of Chipzel, Monomirror, André Sobota and Derek Howell.

It’s one of those games that’s absorbing to play, and simple to get for anyone to get their head round and have fun. But going for a 100% run feels performing complex surgery in the middle of rave. And I mean that as a genuine compliment.

How do I buy Octahedron Transfixed Edition?

Octahedron Transfixed Edition is out now on Nintendo Switch, and available to purchase digitally from the Nintendo eShop.

Buy now (just don’t play it on the train)