ONINAKI out now for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Steam

Fight to save lost souls, enlist powerful Daemons and reap endless loot in this exciting new RPG.
By Duncan Heaney

We’re excited to announce that ONINAKI is out now and available to download for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam.

This all-new action RPG is the latest game from Tokyo RPG Factory - the creative minds behind I Am Setsuna and LOST SPHEAR, supervised by Creative Producer Takashi Tokita (CHRONO TRIGGER). It features fast, action-driven tactical battles, a beautiful art style and a dark, affecting story about life and death. Take a look at the latest trailer:

What is ONINAKI about?

The game is set in a world where reincarnation is a way of life. When a person dies, their friends and family celebrate the time they had and offer up prayers for the new life that’s to come.

But grief shackles the living and causes the dead to stay dead. Known as the Lost, these souls require guidance back to the path - a duty that falls to the Watchers.

ONINAKI tells the story of one such Watcher - a man named Kagachi, who takes his duty of ushering souls of the dead extremely seriously. But when he meets a young girl called Linne, his fate become entwined with blood and death.

Driving this emotional and thought-provoking story, the game features a fast-paced dynamic battle system that lets you take down scores of monsters in real time.

You can customize your attacks by binding multiple Daemons to Kagachi - they’re a special type of Lost that give the Watcher extra abilities in battle, such as powerful strikes or stylish dodges.

But useful as they are, no one Daemon will be right for every fight, so you’ll enjoy shifting between their diverse and powerful skillsets strategically to prevail.

We took a deep dive into how the combat system works earlier this month - take a look:

How do I get ONINAKI?

ONINAKI is out now digitally on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam.