10 things you need to know about Outriders: Worldslayer

This ultimate form of Outriders is perfect for new players and veterans alike. Find out about the new campaign, new systems and much more!
By Duncan Heaney

Outriders Worldslayer has been revealed… and we think you’ll agree, it’s looking pretty impressive.

The new game is the ultimate version of the exciting looter shooter, designed for both new players and veteran explorers of Enoch. It features a thrilling campaign, tons of new gear, incredible character customization, a brand new endgame and so much more - plus it includes all of the original Outriders content too!

You can get a detailed rundown of what’s included in Worldslayer in the latest Outriders Broadcast:

Alternatively, read on and we’ll tell you 10 things you need to know about Outriders Worldslayer.

Ereshkigal - the new antagonist in Outriders Worldslayer

1. There’s an entirely new campaign

Outriders Worldslayer features an entirely new campaign, with tons of exciting missions, and a gripping new narrative that pushes your superpowered protagonist into exciting new territory.

This adventure introduces a powerful new antagonist called Ereshkigal. Not only is this threatening foe a powerhouse in her own right - she could be described as ‘the First Altered’ - but she also commands the human faction known as the Insurgents.

Your Outrider must face off against this sinister group, all while the planet Enoch’s climate undergoes cataclysmic changes.

2. You can jump straight into the Worldslayer content

This new content is set for level 30 characters and above, but don’t worry about having any existing buffed up characters to experience it.

Worldslayer will let you create an entirely new Level 30 character from scratch so you can access the new content directly. It’s a great way to catch up with other players who may already be at level 30, or just if you want to play around with a new class at the top of its game.

Of course, for those of you with existing Outriders characters, you can carry them over into the Worldslayer campaign if you prefer, just so long as you’ve completed the main Outriders campaign. No expeditions completion required.

Two Outriders standing in a frozen landscape

3. You’ll explore beautiful new environments

The anomaly that plagues Enoch continues to grow, and it’s causing some pretty severe climate change to the planet. That’s bad news for the inhabitants, but good news for players, as it leads to some very memorable locations.

Your new adventure will take you to the furthest reaches of Enoch to explore flash-frozen glaciers, rain-drenched Lakelands and much more.

These destinations may be diverse, but they all have two things in common: they’re visually stunning and - in true Outriders fashion - viciously dangerous.

4. There’s tons of new gear

Outriders has some of the best gear in any shooter, and with the launch of Worldslayer, that loot game is going to get even more enticing.

There will be a veritable horde of new weapons and armor to find and equip. For example, all four classes will get dedicated new 5-piece Legendary Armor Sets, which will not only make them look good, but take their skills to the next level.

There are some new 3-piece Legendary Armor Sets coming too. These will each have their own set bonuses and will be universally equippable by every class! Excitingly, some existing Legendary gear will also be reworked for the launch of Worldslayer.

The Outriders team are planning to showcase some of the awesome new gear in the game on their social channels between now and launch, so if you want to get an early look at 2022’s hottest Enoch fashion trends, make sure you follow them.

A close up of a new weapon from Outriders Worldslayer

5. You’ll have even more control over character builds

It may be less showy than the visceral gunplay or spectacular superpowers, but the coolest feature of Outriders has always been how much control you have over your character builds. The class trees let you build your character in such a way as to support pretty much any playstyle you like, from sneaky sniper to hulking great tank.

That flexibility becomes even more… um… flexible with the launch of Worldslayer and a new expansion of their class trees: the PAX tree.

This is a separate class tree to the existing three branches that each class has access to, and it requires its own PAX points to upgrade. These are earned at certain points in Worldslayer (no spoilers), so they’re based on general progress rather than level.

The basic idea behind the new tree is to give players the ability to specialise further in a certain direction or, if they prefer, enable much more effective hybrid builds. And as with the original class trees, you can respec at any time so experimentation is encouraged!

Outriders taking on a large enemy in a frozen landscape

6. You can have a third mod slot!

If you already play Outriders, this one will have you quivering with excitement. Worldslayer adds a new type of equipment called Apocalypse Gear - and it does something truly game-changing: it adds a third mod slot!

If you’re planning to join the party with Worldslayer, you may be thinking: what’s the fuss all about? Well, mods can be added to armor to add buffs and extra effects - and they’re very powerful.

For example, mods can boost damage, add healing capabilities or even add powers that your chosen class wouldn’t normally have access to. Combined with the flexible skill tree, they allow for an insane level of control over almost your character build.

Two mods slots can already make you super-powerful, so adding a third? The possibilities for destruction become near endless. It’s going to be amazing to see how creative you all get with your characters - and how brutal too.

7. There’s a long-term progression system: Ascension

What do you do when you hit max level in Outriders Worldslayer? Start raising your Ascension Level of course!

Ascension is a brand new long-term progression system that gives your character continued progression once you hit level 30. From that point, XP earned from killing enemies goes towards your Ascension Level, which in turn provides you with Ascension Points.

You can invest these points in four categories: Brutality, Endurance, Prowess and Anomaly, each with five more categories within them. For example, you could spend your points on reduced cooldowns, more health or increased damage output.

Ascension is purely for making your character stronger (it doesn’t gate any content or restrict access to gear), and is perfect for supercharging specific builds, or strengthening a hybrid approach.

An Outrider in battle

8. Apocalypse Tiers are coming

The Outriders Tier system lets players tune the difficulty of the game - the higher the Tier you set, the harder the game, but the better the quality of loot.

Worldslayer refines this system with the introduction of Apocalypse Tiers. These determine the difficulty and reward scaling of the new campaign and endgame, and replace the existing Challenge Tier system used by original Outriders’ endgame Expeditions. What’s more, they go all the way up to 40, where the Challenge Tiers capped at 15.

It’s essentially another way to give players control over the game, letting you better tailor the difficulty and rewards to your liking.

9. There’s new Endgame content

We talked about the original post-game Expeditions above, but Worldslayer actually has its own dedicated endgame content - in fact, the game’s been specifically designed around it.

The story of Worldslayer takes you to the ancient city of Tarya Gratar, the cradle of PAX civilisation, and where the Trial of Tarya Gratar awaits.

We don’t want to say more right now, but the endgame for Worldslayer is a big part of the game… and a lot of fun.


10. It launches June 30, 2022!

So, all that leaves the one final question: when’s Outriders Worldslayer releasing? We’re excited to announce that the game launches 30 June 2022!

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing all kinds of awesome stuff on the Outriders social media accounts, from sneak peeks at the new gear, to more information about the campaign. Make sure you’re following because there’s some very cool things coming:

The future of Outriders starts here - we can’t wait to show you more!