SaGa Emerald Beyond Demos available now! Yes… we said Demos!

Play as different characters in the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Steam Demos for this bold new RPG. Get all the details here.
By Duncan Heaney

SaGa Emerald Beyond is just a few weeks away, but you don’t have to wait until April 25 to play it! We’ve just released brand new Demos that allow you to play through the opening parts of the game and even carry your progress over to the full game!

Yes, we said Demos because there are actually three! Depending on whether you play the game on Nintendo Switch, PS5/PS4 or PC, you’ll be able to experience a different protagonist’s storyline.

Nintendo Switch owners can experience the opening of Ameya’s tale, PlayStation players can enjoy Tsunanori’s adventure and PC users are able to dive into the melancholic but beautiful story surrounding Diva No. 5! We’ll tell you a little about each one, but first… what is SaGa Emerald Beyond?

What is SaGa Emerald Beyond?

This new RPG is set across 17 worlds. A select few individuals are able to see the Emerald Waves, which guide them and ultimately lead them to travel between them.

Rather than the story of just one central protagonist, you can choose to experience the individual journeys of the six characters below:

  • Tsunanori Mido - a man with the ability to control sentient puppets called kugutsu

  • Ameya Aisling - a young up-and-coming witch trying to reclaim her lost power

  • Diva No. 5 – a musical mech who has lost her memory and ability to sing

  • Siugnas – an immortal vampire known as the Dismal King, who is driven from his throne

  • Bonnie and Formina – two new recruits on the police force, investigating an assassination attempt on the president of their world

Who you choose to start with, and the order you visit worlds in will change how the story plays out. There’s a lot of narrative freedom here - depending on their choices, two people playing the same character can have totally different experiences!

Regardless of who you choose, you’ll get to experience strategic combat, where you’ll have to help your party work as a team to overcome the odds. The turn-based battles are satisfyingly tactical, and each encounter will offer a new challenge to overcome.

Don’t worry if you’ve never played a SaGa game before. Much like the FINAL FANTASY and DRAGON QUEST series, each one is a completely standalone adventure, with its own characters, worlds and even mechanics.

If you’ve never played a SaGa game before, SaGa Emerald Beyond is a great place to start. It captures the series traditions of narrative freedom, unconventional character progression, strategic combat, and beautiful music, while forging its own, very distinct path.

You’ll discover that for yourselves when you play the Demo. But as for what the contains, here’s what to expect on the different platforms.

Nintendo Switch: Ameya Aisling

Download the SaGa Emerald Beyond Demo on Nintendo Switch, and you’ll get to play as witch-in-training Ameya.

This up-and-coming magic user hails from the Witchdom Pulchra - a world run by witches. As part of her witchterm exams, she visits the world of Miyako City, where she assumes the identity of an 11-year-old schoolgirl and lives with her cat familiar LoLo.

But when Ameya is attacked by an unknown person, she discovers she has lost her magic powers completely! With a small group of allies, she sets off on a journey to recover what she’s lost. But what will she discover on her journey… and more importantly will she be able to pass her exams?

How to get the Demo on Switch

The Demo is available to download now via the Nintendo eShop:

PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4: Tsunanori Mido

Tsunanori is a young man with the ability to manipulate kugutsu - animated puppets imbued with the spirits of humans.

He uses these kugutsu to protect the barrier around his home, Miyako City. When the city is plagued by all manner of supernatural phenomena, Tsunanori sets off on worlds-spanning journey to find four elemental spirits and restore order to the spiritual realm.

How to get the Demo for PS5 / PS4

The Tsunanori Mido Demo is available to download now via the PlayStation Store:

PC (Steam): Diva No. 5

Download the Demo for PC via Steam and you can play as the musically maligned Diva No. 5.

Diva is a mech from the industrially minded world of Avalon. She was a perfect entertainer, and her incredible voice and flawless dancing captured the hearts of all who saw her. Or at least they did until she sang a forbidden song that she found in the Royal Museum.

Now her memory and singing functionality have been sealed away, causing Diva to lose her livelihood and music itself. In despair, she discards her ‘human’ body and accepts an offer from a secret society to leave Avalon and embark on an adventure to explore new worlds.

How to get the Demo for PC

You can download this Demo now via Steam:

Does progress carry over from the Demos?

Yes, progress does carry over from the Demo you play to the full game (provided you’re playing on the same platform of course, but that’s just common sense).

When you start the full game, you’ll be given the option to carry on from your save file.

When does SaGa Emerald Beyond come out?

SaGa Emerald Beyond launches for Nintendo Switch, PS5/PS4, PC via Steam, iOS, and Android on April 25, 2024. It’s available to preorder on console and PC now!

We hope you enjoy what you play, and you’re excited to continue your adventures. If you’d like to stay up to date with news and information about the game, be sure to follow us on social media.