Solve the mystery surrounding your missing daughter

By Square Enix Team

Happy Monday all! On the Collective feedback platform this week we have Aleron’s Lie, a story-driven psychological thriller which takes inspiration from games like Firewatch. 

The story is one of intrigue and mystery. You find yourself locked within an isolated cabin in Montana with little but a smartphone. Stuck within this claustrophobic structure you find out that your daughter’s life is in jeopardy and must communicate with a stranger known as Nora who claims to be in a similar situation. Will you trust them, or are they part of this elaborate plot? 

Gameplay within Aleron’s lie is narrative driven. Using the smartphone found within the cabin you must dissect every detail of dialogue between you and Nora whilst also taking photos of your environment to help solve the mystery surrounding the situation. Only through close communication with Nora will you be able to discern the true meaning behind the events that have led you here and provide hope for your only daughter. 

If you’re intrigued by the mystery surrounding Aleron’s Lie you can speak to the developers and vote for it here.