Square Enix digital releases for the week of February 28

By Square Enix Team

Welcome to the first of a new weekly blog post outlining the week's Square Enix digital releases across all digital download devices. This week we've got a nice selection of content available on the PlayStation Store, including the excellent Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and the PSP version of FINAL FANTASY II. There's also some LORD of ARCANA downloadable content and Big Hit Baseball for iPod and iPhone.


Check out the list below for more details and come back next week for more downloadable Square Enix goodies!


PlayStation Store


Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (PS3 + PSP)

Wednesday, March 2nd

PSone Classic

£7.99 / €9.99


Eleven years after it first released on the PlayStation, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver comes to the PS3 and PSP as a PSone Classic. Join Raziel, reaver of souls, on his quest for vengeance against the vampire king Kain in the ruined land of Nosgoth. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver marks the beginning of an epic, twisting trilogy featuring platforming, puzzle solving, gruesome combat and an immersive story with highly praised voice acting.



Wednesday, March 2nd

Full game

£7.99 / €9.99

(iPod / iPhone version also available for £5.49 / €6.99)


Final Fantasy II is the ultimate revival of the second game in a phenomenon. Remastered exclusively for the PSP system, this all-new edition features updated character art, updated graphics, new dungeons, full 16:9 widescreen presentation and an updated camera view that gives players a new vantage point on such a timeless classic RPG.<br><br>In Final Fantasy II, a malevolent emperor has called upon monsters from a demonic realm to take over the world, ending what seemed to be an eternal period of peace. From the destruction rise four young survivors who will take it upon themselves to stop the merciless ruler and avenge the death of their parents.<br>


LORD of ARCANA add-on pack 2 (PSP)<br>

Wednesday, March 2nd

Downloadable Content



The second LORD of ARCANA add-on pack contains four new quests: Dark Labyrinth, Within The Fog..., Dream Shore and Thunder's Halo. All for the rock bottom price of FREE!


iPod/iPhone App Store


Big Hit Baseball<br>

Thursday, February 17th

Full game

Buy the full game for £1.19/€1.59 or try the demo for free


A must play game for all baseball and sports fans, Big Hit Baseball delivers 20 different teams from across the Americas & Japan for you to pitch and bat your way through in multiple cup modes and showdowns. <br><br>Along with achievements, Game Centre, Facebook posting and a name editor Big Hit Baseball provides players with every opportunity to customise their game and share their successes with the world.